In doubt!!!


Well… I finelly tried the S1 exige 190 bhp… And I must say im really in doubt if I should buy it or not…
I have never driven anything I can compare with exige. So it was a bit difficult/ scary to drive it… And to park it its quite a challenge, especially with the 4 point harness on, I just cants see a damm [censored] ( And of course since im used to ABS the breakes was quite hard too… I guess I just a matter of time before I get used to it???

Anyway it was quite funny to drive it, both my legs was shaking the first 10 km hehh … but after that it felt better… But again it was quite hard to park the car, maybe I could put in some parking sensor… if somone have put it in their car pls let me know the price and what u think about it.

Well I will think about it to tommorow …

Why not unclip the harness when you’re parking? I assume you’re not into parking at high speed?

Hehe… yes of course… but the visbilty is still pretty bad… But I guess ill get used to it…
Anyway i got a question… hmm… not sure how to explain it but ill try… This is a black exige… and it has on some areas (close to the wheels) some kind of thick paint (black) or some stuff over the originally paint (to prevent the paint from stone chips)… Not sure if u know what im talking about, but if u do pls let me know what its called and how do I put it on , because i need to put some more of this goddy on the car (bits of it has fallen of on some small areas next to the wheels)’

Yeah, you do get used to parking. It can be a real pain at night because of the heavy tint in the rear window.

Are you talking about the ‘shark fin’ shaped area in front of the rear wheels? (See the picture at the top of this page). This is a self adhesive vinyl sheet.

Hehh… I guess ure right… its the shark fin…The shark fin look ok for my part… But I think u have some other areas where they have putted this stuff too… Cant excatlly remmeber where, but its in the wheel area (from the bottom). And its maybe 0.5 cm wide and hmmm 7 cm long… I thinks its the same materiel but im not sure, but it has started to fell of… And just to replace it with some new stuff would be nice… hmm… how is it to put on some new of this stuff… is it only with glue or??? Is it hard to get it…???. Ill check

maybe I could put in some parking sensor… if somone have put it in their car pls let me know the price and what u think about it.

As others have said, you will get used to it. However if you want some additional reassurance, Wilson’s are doing a parking sensor that works through the rear clam, but is not visible externally.

You could e-mail them at
[email protected]


I finelly aggre with the owner about the price… And I have order a workshop check of the Car on Wedensday 26… Cant wait, just hope they wont find anything wrong with the car. Its just a pitty its such a expensive car here:(
It will cost close to 40000 � for a 2000 mod 190 s1 exige (… well…no more sleep the next week for me

If you just said �40k then that sounds like about twice as much as from the UK! Couldn’t you buy one in the UK and take it back on the ferry?


Yes i said 40k… U will almost only find Exige in Uk and since u have the driving seat on the right side its not a option to buy from UK … Its really a pitty.:frowning:
And just look around for instence and there u wont find many exige for sale… Not sure how many exige they made but im pretty sure almost all of them drive around in UK…
So its a pitty about the price but it make the car ultra rare here. … The biggest disadvantage is not the price , but its the service… if I get some problems with it I will be in [censored]… I guess the easyest way for me would be to go to Newcastle with the ferry for service …


Check this website :

It is next to my door and they offer the yellow S2 Exige for sale. Since it a a Belgian dealer you have the steering-wheel on the proper side of the car

It is ready to take along and has very very little mileage on it. The price is over 40.000 Eur, but at least not 40.000 GBP

Srry for the late reply, was on a snowboarding trip in the alps last week.



thanks for ure information…
But I prefer the S1 Exige, and the colur im looking for should be black or titanium…:slight_smile:
Anyway, I have made up my mind, just goiing with the car on a workshop on wedensday. And if everything looks fine ill take it… Just hopping the snow will go away soon. Because I cant get it home before the snow is gone…heh… Uff I really hate this. to wait and wait, cant do anything useful while im waithing, just counting days and hours now

Good choice, the S1 is the original without any fancy driver aids to inturrupt the experience. Will be absolutely fantastic for you with the clear roads.
Where are you Norway? I just applied to work at our factory in Stjordal, but wondering when you mentioned not driving. How long is this for?

Well… im from the west part of norway.(kind of far from stjordal) and here its not much snow. But it just came last week hope it will be gone soon…:slight_smile: And of course I can drive with a normal car, but not an Exige on almost worn out A048. specially when I must drive up some hills to get to my house…

What about some studded tyres???

How realistic would it be to drive around Norway for a couple of weeks in an Exige - are the roads decent? How far North do you think I could get?

The roads are very good, no problems at all. But it will of course be a bit expensive,… The roads are good and u could go as far as u like. Well I never been all the way up nrth myself (guess ure not planning to go there eather with the exige. I have only driven to Trondheim and thats not a problem, I guess it should be ok to go to Troms� too. Dont know the roads there but im sure there are good. further north im not sure about…

If u ask me a nice trip would be to take the ferry from Necastle and go from Bergen or Stavanger and then drive to Oslo (maybe to Sweden too) and then go up to Trondheim and down again to Bergen… Well the options are many…

I have just finsihed the test at a locall workshop, and I got some problems and questions I hope you can aswear for me )
ITS a Exige 2000mod… uppgraded (I think)

  1. The values from the emsison was C0 - 1,197%
    CO2 7,16 %
    HC - 1202 ppm
    O2 10,02 %
    Lambda 1,506
    The car was warm enough I guess (running for 15min), and the rpm was 800, (should it been 1200 rpm during the emison test?? just thought I saw a post about it??)
    As You can see this car will never pass a mot test, Its fitted with a sport exhaust (ovall), I guess there is no CAT on it, is this normall??, Do I have to install a CAT to pass the test, and is it hard to install it myself???Help pls…

  2. Also got a couple of cracks on the externeal body work, it dosent look bad, but is this somthing i should worry about???.. Its small cracks ,theyr maybe 1 cm long from the center.

  3. The A/C doesent work… Will be investigated tommorow , hope its just to lack of freon…

  4. also got some minor problems with the brak pads and disk, but i guess it will be OK…

  5. I also noticed the car had has a Koni Gas fild suspension (adjusteble), is this standard ??or is it installed later?? simulare to the Nitrons supsension???

Hope I can get some urgent help here since this is my only chance to get myself an Exige,:slight_smile: There was also some minor stuff, but my main conserne is the emission levels!!

Well I found the answer about the suspension, Koni adjustible dampers… This is standerd items… right?..

Also curios about the Lambda sensor, how it works. If it stops working will it appear in the driving display??.. was just thinking about it, if its a known problem. Beacause if its broken or bad u will fail the MOT test…right??.. Got some information for me about it?? is it a known problem with Exige??

Hmmm can’t help with all of it but it does seem like it is minus the cat TBH.

I’ve not heard of the Lamda going but can’t say for sure. It should have an MOT therefore the question is how did it pass? Mark A had the same thing and went back to the dealer and magically the car was returned with a cat in the boot

I think the standard dampers are koni’s but they’re only ride hight / spring pre load adjustable, you can’t adjust the damping. If you can then excellent news! That’ll be uprated suspension!

A/C, not got but it’s supposedto be pretty woeful even when it is working (i.e. it may be working but most peoples definitions of working is different to the lotus design team).

What are the problems with the brakes? If it’s just warped discs and rubbish pads then you’ll need to change them anyway, the standard items are a bit rubbish (tame words compared to some ).

I’m sure some others will be along to comment.

Oh and the cracks, there was a thread in the O&A about exactly the same thing by “tom” IIRC.


get the supplying dealer to fix all this stuff before you buy it.

the cracks in the clam need fixed… they can spread over time and may be an indication of deeper hidden (at the moment) problems.