In case you were wondering how much more a charged K20 uses

Standard K20 vs charge-cooled Jackson K20.

Fast road driving, same start and refill points, following each other.

Charged K20 = +43% fuel [But man, what a weapon!]

Less scientific but I got the impression it was less on track, perhaps half, +20%ish.

Yeah it was pretty surprising as we compared receipts :astonished: I love my car though…t’is a weapon indeed :sunglasses:

It certainly is mate! - amazing that these little cars and their tubs can just accept these comparatively huge levels of power so easily…

Special cars indeed.

thats 43% more awesome :smiley:

but yes I suspect the high IAT require a rich mixture to stay safe

What is it in terms of MPG?

Edited that for you Tim :eh:

I know the answer to that one, and it ain’t much (on track anyway) :blush:

I think I worked out I used to get about 6mpg on track when my car was just chargecooled. I dread to think what it is now but on the dyno it was doing between 5 & 6 litres a minute!!!

Ooo, there’s a thought, hang on…

I make it 133 miles (Menai Bridge, Ty Cros, Betws-y-Coed, M54 Telford services).

I was about 17 litres (3.75 gallons), so 35.5mpg for me and nearly 25mpg for Ben.

Good figures for the standard motor, and very Evora S like for Bens car, MPG wise anyway :wink:

I wonder if Ben managed more than 7 mpg on track??

My original Rover VHPD would do 8mpg on track. Mainly because you had to wring it’s neck to get the power.

No wonder you were so quick in that mate! :sunglasses:

Sooo… have you now SC’d the Honda?