In case you missed it - trackday shout - Cadwell 5th May

Where’s this page gone?? Mr Admin?

All the info you need :-Cadwell Park Full Circuit, Bank Holiday Monday May 5th 2003, currently 11 Exiges booked in. �149 if paid before 5th April, normal price �169.J5BaT

And once again its a day I can’t make :-(Still, Champcars at Brands should be interesting!Cheers

Does anyone know if its the long or short circuit…

Simon, Have a look here… CheersPhil

Cheers for info Phil - v much looking forward to having a tour of the ‘mini Nurburgring’

is this going to be an session ? i highly recommend cadwell , we had an excellent time last year and apart from the hairpin , which has zero run off , it really is a great track .

Now 13 Exiges Booked or Provisional

Make that 14 Exiges.Cadwell’s full curcuit really is top dollar. Its not for the fainthearted but hugely rewarding !!Raced Mini Se7en there for 3 seasons with 32 other nutters. Was interesting all of us trying to go through the gooseneck at once ! Lookig forward to meeting 13 other exigers !Con McL.p.s Giles - just emailed you ref the Diffuser.

…or even 15 [image][/image]later,Bruno

bruno if youre coming im definitely booking it , although youve had all kinds of stuff done to your car now havent you … what about russ and pesky , come on lads … but we need it as an exige only session … last year was excellent , not one incident !

hey Roger, good to hear from you…yep, I just have to come [image][/image] wanted to say the same about the Northern gang…come on Bran/Pip/Russ/Tony/Rob/and the funniest picci-taker of the universe [image][/image] [image][/image] Mr big lense…wouldn’t be the same without youerm…regarding my car…I think Ally has done something much much more radical… [image][/image] [image][/image] [image][/image]later,Bruno

Unfortunately, I am away that week. Bugger!

Sorry guys i am going to BH as well, next time though, Mark.

I hope it doesn’t rain like last year. No feckin roof this time. [image][/image]

blimey ally bruno wasnt joking , youve cut your roof off ! … thats a bit extreme isnt it ?

No doors either.

ConHaven’t got your email! - did you send it to the address in my profile?[email protected] forward to hearing from youGiles

All,Theres 7 confirmed Exiges on the 5th May at Cadwell and 9 provisionals. If we can get up to 15 cars we can assign an exclusive session with a max of 20 cars.There’s only 15 places left on the day though.cheers,Jonny5BaT