Imported Elise MK 1

I will be looking at an MK 1 Elise, this weekend, with the serious intention to buy. However the car was originally purchased as an import from Holland. The car conforms to UK spec and has all the Certificates. The issue I am concerned with is that are there any specification difference that I should be aware of interms of performance, trim, options, & servicing of the car. Also any other tips would be good. Cheers Jamster!

It was probably a lot cheaper in Holland too, so dont pay the same rate as a used “UK” purchased car.Apart from that i dont “think” there are any differences.Phil

Jamster,Are you bying from a main dealer,The reason is that i part exchanged my 1-11s to a main dealer last month (April)Azure blue.To give you the answer to all your qustions, the car would be the exactly the same as if you brought it in the U.K.,apart from the hood,this was an option to have it in cloth,the vinyl is apartently more water proof,so i was told!E-mail me off line if you want more info. [image][/image]