Hi guys - great site - Been reading it for long time but first post. Proud owner of Gunmetal S1 with ultra close box + 190 upgrade etc…

Got a question - Does Anyone know of a way round the immobilizer - I know strange question AND NO I am not a theif - can scan log book if proof required. Basically when I purchased car I did’nt think that dealer only gave me one key that has the alrm button on (will save their name / blushes FOR NOW at least) This key decided to give up the ghost on Saturday and I have a track day tonight so am deparate for any way in which to by pass it - Alarm is not on and have key so just bloomin immobilizer…:>( Long shot I know - thanks in advance.

It is possible to by-pass it using the circuit diagram and a test meter.
The problem is that all the alarm/immobilizer wires are the same colour - black - so its not something that you can be told over the phone or BBS on how to do it. You have sit down and find which wire goes were and which ones to cut/link.

If someone has already down this and noted the connections at the immobilizer end then you can be told quickly which ones to link up.

Are you sure its not just the battery in the key fob ?

Also if you got it S/H from a dealer, chances are they were only given the 1 key !!

Best bet would be to try a new battery. Always keep a spare in the car for that eventuallity !

Thanks - Its def not battery as tried a friends but no joy. The wire cutting sounds extreme and difficult - I guess I am just going to have to give up on today’s track day :>( thanks for help though. The factory will be sending me a new one out in next couple of days anyway.

As you know, I now know how to bypass it

Good luck at the factory this week, hope they sort it.

Just as an aside I am amazed at how quick and easy it is to bypass the immobiliser and disable the alarm!

I guess the wiring diagrams helped but so much for Thatcham piece of mind, If I can work it out then any toe-rag who wants to steal it can !


Time to fit that snap on/off removable steering wheel