Imminent Purchase

I am very likely to make a quality Exige purchase in the next couple of weeks from my local dealer. I would appreciate thoughts on specification regarding extras or anything to avoid etc. The plan is quality weekend driving and some track day work.

Is this an S2 purchase, if so Air Con is must IMHO

Most importantly it must be Orange!

Sorry couldn’t resist…again

Hi Eddie,

Having just purchased a new S2 w/ touring pack and AC I can tell you that I suffer from no buyers remorse. The car has been a joy since day one and now has 1250 miles in three weeks. Unless you plan to use the car mostly for track days, this is probably the way to go. Pick the color you like, but orange is highly visible, which is a good thing when your car is under 3’6 in height!

I would not recommend Armorfend, there is a Scottish company that makes a more comprehensive film set. Do a search on the forum for more info.

I had a stage 1 exhaust fitted by the dealer which provides a better note than the standard exhaust, but no other benefits. (weighs the same, and no added power.)

I added the Reverie induction kit which I like very much. (see my post about it for details.)

Best of luck,


there was a lot of use of the word ‘quality’ there!
I hope your dealer didnt sell you THAT dream!!!

Dealer…ripoff…or am i just bitter cos I can’t afford a new one, or a second hand one from a dealer for that matter

But then I wasn’t arsed about a warranty.

what warranty was that sir?


If it’s going on track you may want to see if you can get them to put the oil coolers on, whatever spec you go for. They can only help.


Nick Whales just quoted me [color:“red”] �3K [/color] to have the twin oil coolers fitted to a new touring pack equiped car. This can’t be right can it???


Glad I went for the p pack!

Yes that’s right, but you don’t need to go that route. it would cost that much for air to oil coolers mounted up front and the lines through the chassis to the engine. If done in the factory it is much cheaper, but after the car is built…

Another option is a water to oil cooler mounted in the engine bay. it is MUCH cheaper, and probably more effective.



I’ll do it for �2K and take everyone to the pub to boot!!!

Oh and by the way