I'm not worthy

Big, big thanks to Russ who let me have 1/2 hour out driving his mota at Elvington today Bloomin heck it’s quick, even when driven by little ol me Who needs a sequential box when you can snick through the Honda’s gears as fast as you are able??? Naturally I didn’t over indulge on the power oversteer antic front, as it wasn’t my car, but boy, was the Russmeister in his element, just chucking it about at will

Highlight of the day was watching him take a couple of seconds a lap from a monster R34 Skyline, who was very reluctant to let him get past. Although they were equally matched on the straights, the Exige’s braking & cornering were in a higher league. Eventually the Skyline saw the light, & let the boy through

Crackin’ day out - thanks again Russ, & the lads & lasses of Bookatrack

I’m green with envy - couldn’t get unfortunately to give the lil’ monster the once over. I know we don’t time laps on here but how much quicker would it be than VHPD??

but how much quicker would it be than VHPD??

Assuming same driver in both cars … more than marginally!!!


Hi Simon,

I think what Pesky is trying to say is it feels seriously quicker, and he is right, but it is difficult to say by how much. It would depends on the circuit - at Oulton, say, I think you are looking at maybe between 4-6 seconds a lap? And, whilst Pesky would not “rag” someone elses car, he did OK when he reeled in a V8 Esprit yesterday, and was taking big chunks every lap out of him. We also had the edge on the Skyline “Nurburgring” spec, and the demonstrator Noble which the little Exige was worrying through the corners and keeping level with on the straights.

I think this demostrates the difference of genuine BHP vs. bullshit (RR BBS) Bhp.

Appart from some race-cars out there, I have never seen a 200+Bhp K that actually looks like it is (if you get my drift).

we also had the experience of Russ"s exige at Elvington yesterday. “Wow” this car is unbelievably quick and gave the noble a run for its money, in fact Russ was braking much later into the bends and we are sure he would have got past if the noble hadnt retired. Thanks again Russ for the ride still got a huge grin on our faces !! Also thanks to Robert for the loan of the fastest helmet at the track !! By the way robert finished polishing the car at 10 p.m. last night.

Cheers Russ - it sounds like you have an awesome bit of kit there - sounds very tempting - now where’s the wife’s chequebook.

Glad you’ve lost your virginity Ted - your first post in two & a half years!

I will inspect the result of your car polishing at Oulton on the 15th Do I win a prize if I find a speck of dust, either inside or on the outside, of your pride & joy???

I witnessed Russ in action too. What a fab bit of gear that car is…

Cheers Russ for the lift yesterday!!

I am truly gob smacked. Absolutely unbelievable. I was still in shock when I got home. Thanks too for letting Pesky drive your car whilst giving Steve a lift. His cheeks were sore because he was grinning constantly.

Everyone are talking about how fast Russ’ Exige was, but I do truly think most of is down to the driver. It takes a good driver to drive such a machine at the limits and as its been mentioned, Russ does brake a lot later than a lot of people. So full credit goes to Russ. This is the reason why I’m not really that envious of owning a (Honda) Exige because I couldn’t make full use of it. Although I wouldn’t turn one down if someone offered it to me

Once again, thanks for the experience and hopefully see you guys soon.

Kam Pul