I'm new to Exiges, and i've some questions

Hi there,

I’m new to Exiges and this website. I previously owned an Elise Sport 160, and now i’m a proud owner of a bright chrome orange Exige!!

Love the car, it’s so much more outrageous than the Elise, but i’ve some questions I know you guys would be able to help me with.

  1. Air Con - am I right in thinking it doesn’t actually work that well? I’m not sure if it needs re-charging or if that’s just Lotus :slight_smile:

  2. Passenger seat does not have lumber pump? is this right or has the pipe come out of the seat?

  3. Only one alarm fob - dealer told me you only get 1 fuel key, 1 alarm key and 1 key without the alarm control on.

  4. The rear window (nearest your head) rattles, is this normal?

  5. The bulge on the roof is fake and doesn’t actually cool the engine, instead air is fed through the side vents and hot air pushed/sucked through the main vent on the top of the boot lid. When I had the boot open I could see straight through the bulge on the roof but when the lid goes down it closes it off.

That’s it, any help greatly appreciated.


John - Welcome

1 - The aircon does work, but your right its not that good - So if its not blowing cold its busted, which is quite possible - check the pipes on the top of the alternator, that the favourite spot for them to break.

  1. No lumber support as far as I know …

  2. I have two of everything and a spare ign key without alarm control so … I think you need to talk to your dealer

  3. Yep mine does depending on its mood it seems … you have to place strategic bits of card or something to hold it - I read that doughnuts work OK as well …

  4. Dont think it closes off complete does it ??

You will find the engine compartment gets very hot so extra venting may be usefull by cutting away the number plate area - there are some pictures on here if you search the archive - it really helps to cool the cabin as well

  1. Dont think it closes off complete does it ??


Strange as it may seem, the roof intake directs air down the edge of the perspex engine cover, where it is “vented” into the engine bay!

I didn’t realise this either, until the Edwards Boyz pointed it out to me at Oulton recently.

I thought that intake also acted by venturi effect to extract air from the engine bay - or is this being a bit fanciful and I’ve been seduced by Lotus bullsh*t?

Thanks for your help guys, I knew there would be enthusiasts willing to help a new boy.

The other thing I had spotted is that the brakes are rather spungy compared to the Sport 160, I imagine that’s a fault of this particular car and it needs bleeding, but is this a common complaint?

Has anyone fitted braided hoses? does it help?

All the best,


Brakes - highly recommend that you fit braided hoses, Castrol SRF fluid & Pagid RS14 pads (Mintex 1144s are ok too), particularly if you intend to (& you must!!!) do trackdays.

The standard pads are really crap, even for road use, so it’s worth changing them in any event.

Welcome John. Where are you located?

Cannot answer No.1, as I don’t have aircon. Lotus dealers used to say more ‘con’ than ‘air’!

Passenger seat does not have a lumber support in mine.

I got two sets of keys for everything, inc. key fob w/immobiliser on



Okay, i’ve had a look at the things I need to enhance the brakes (Castrol SRF fluid + Braided hoses + Pagid RS14 pads), not being that mechanically minded does anyone know of anyone in the midlands area that can do the work?


Where in the Midlands are you ?

Tamworth, nr j10 of the M42

Hi John,
Welcome to the club
I think the idea with the roof vent is to deflect the air downwards because the hottest part of the engine bay is the exhaust manifold which heats up the back window, which in turn heats the back of your head!
Again, two sets of keys/alarm fobs is the norm.
I would recommend Nick Whale’s in Birmingham they look after mine pretty well.
I 'm just down the road from you, in Twycross.
Let me know if you’d like to meet up sometime.

Cool, I’ll let you know when i’m stopping at a pub there next.

Do the Exige group try and get together at pubs at all? I was at the Appleby Inn and the Austin Healey 3000 club turned up, it seemed kinda fun.