Im new......Is an Exige S2 for me??

Hello all,

Im new here and am investigating the S2 Exige…I recently test drove one but it had been around the track…It seemed very rickety and it put me off the Lotus a bit…The salesman highlighted the poor reliability which also put me off…The Tram lining wasnt very nice either…

However, I was very pleased with the speed of the car and the looks were quite beyond belief…Residuals are also very good…Im lloking at a car for 27K and am only gonna buy a car that hasnt been on the track…

Im currently rinning a BMW 330 CI Sport which is a little too boring for me!!! I want something more raw and and only a two seater too!!

What do you think? Is an Exiige a realistic option for me?

Help much appreciated…


Go for the Exige S1…its rarer, rawer and looks the dogs bo��ocks!

If you thought the S2 is rickety don’t bother with an S1! There’s something special about Exiges (particularly the S1 in my opinion), you’ll either get it or you won’t. Any which way it’ll be an experience.

Don’t worry about the track too much (it’s where they belong!), it’s more important they have been maintained well.

Buying 2nd hand is defintely the way to go on residuals.


If you’re asking the question after driving one, then it’s not for you.

Maybe a Z4?

Hi Longchop - I have an S1 which is a different thing all together even more ‘rickety’ !!!

Not sure you will cope with the Lotus if you are used to a BMW - there is one thing though, people will like you more in a Lotus

There should be some S2 owners along soon to give you a better idea - I say get one - anything to steer you away from a blinkin’ bimmer!

hi, as an s2 owner my advise is get one! the driving experience is better than anything else. as others have said it does not matter if its be tracked as long its been well looked after, as thats what they are built for. it will be a bit “rickety” compared to a BMW but thats part of the fun in a way. there do not seem to be many reliability issues with the S2s but you can search through the site for known problems but i dont think you will find too many.

Is an Exige S2 for you?

From your comments, I would say, no. What you describe as “rickety” and “tramlining” is all part of the vivid, very communicative experience which makes the car almost an extension of yourself. If you don’t like that, then I can’t see why you would buy one.

Also, if you don’t want one that has been tracked, you perhaps don’t “get” the car � that is its raison d’etre! And if you perhaps don’t want to track it yourself, you will be accepting a lot of comfort compromises for no real gain.

Sounds to me like you would get the more involving and competent drive you seek, along with more of the BMW-style comforts, if you were to go for a Cayman S � if you can stretch to that.

I would agree with the comment that if you’ve driven one and you’re asking, then it’s not the thing for you. Maybe a 111R with the touring pack(s) could work for you

I would agree with the comment that if you’ve driven one and you’re asking, then it’s not the thing for you

come on chaps, Im not suggesting that we twist his arm but we can surely sell the benefits of Exiges to someone who is musing over one…especially if they have no previous experince of the marque.

As with all cars there are good and bad examples and whilst its difficult to know just how rickety the example he tried is, then its hard to say whether is was a case of TADTS or a real dog.

My advice would be to get a few passenger rides in other peoples cars and compare and contrast. The odd trackday cabbie would also help make up your mind.

Reading this site is probably quite off-putting as many of the posts relate to problems but then so do most threads on most other marque sites - definitely dont let that put you off.

Now you have dipped your toe in, I would recommend going a bit further and seeing if it statrs to float your boat.


I would definately agree with you, if Mr Longchop was considering buying an S1. However, he drove a dealer’s S2, & apparantly wasn’t impressed for the reasons he states - nuff said, in my opinion.

Hi Longchop

I have a 330 coupe sport also and an S2 Exige.

I am suprissed you thought it was rickety. Have you driven any other road legal racing cars ?

The car was designed to be at home on the track and the Yota engine is bullet proof and loves to be reved. As long as it is looked after should be no problem.

Most people who buy Exiges are enthusiasts and so look after them and treat them with the rspect they deserve (and then ring their necks)

330 is a fine everyday car but the Exige is in a different league.

Go for it and join the brotherhood

Exige 77

The salesman highlighted the poor reliability which also put me off…

Name and shame!!!

What kind of salesman says that

An honest one?

Nice one chaps…Some top replies there!!

I am still thinking about the Exige but when you say get in some other people and investigate more it becomes a little difficult when the cars are so rare!! My nearest Exige was 80 miles away and now i believe that has been sold!! If anyonme lives in the Southwest and is willing to show me their car i would be immensley grateful!!

The ricketty thing was a mear shock after having driven the BMW but im not dead against that…

The tramlining is again a good thing and a bad thing…My BMW tramlines too!! I know this helps for improved handling in the Lotus but i dont know if it could be barable everyday…

Like i said, the speed and the shear sound of the engine was unbelievable but i am a bit reluctant to buy the car just for that…

I would use it as my first car so i would need to know it wopuld be reliable…

Plus I am not really a very technical guy and dont much about the technicalitys of a car!! I just drive the thing and take it to the stealer for a service…Given that some of these cars have reliability problems (apparently) i dont know if this would be an issue… I’d hope to pay 27k for a Demo s2 Exgie and hope that it will be reliable for the next 2-3 years…Is this realistic?

Plus the dealer also said that the tyres on the Exige dont handle well ion the wet nor do they handle well in the cold…the dealer demo’d some oversteer and how easy it is to lose the rear end on the cra which also put me off…

I think i had a bit of a bad day the day i chose this dealer…had i gone to a more appraochable dealer then im sure things would have been different…However, i am 25 and i reckon the dealer thought i was just there to take his car for a ride! Aswell as that he did he his level best to put me off the car!

So i think being the open minded guy that i amthen i am stil considering the Exige!!

If anyone is on the southwest or knows of any dwealers in the Southwest then i would be grateful to hear from you!!


Poor reliability had seven Lotus and all have been totally reliable…guess I’m just a lucky boy then.

If you want reliability then the S2 Exige is the one to get. Toyota engine is pretty faultless, but things will still rattle and squeak bodywork wise.

You could try on SELOC to see if anyone is in your area.

There’s quite a few S2 Exiges up for sale at the moment, so you should have some choice if you are prepared to travel a bit.

The AO48 tyres are supposed to be poor with standing water but I was very suprised at how good they were round Mallory in torrential rain. No where as bad as their reputation, but you could always get some wet tyres for winter.

Thing is with the Exige is that you get let out at junctions and “most people” are generally courtious, which will be new to you driving a BMW

Take your time and drive a few. No need for rush decisions, it’s a lot of cash for something you’re obviously not in love with.

Check out the one near me on the net at Formula One, �23,995 S2with 3,200 miles on the clock, its immaculate! Best time to but IS now, come spring prices will start to rise again!