Having sold my very high mileage S1 Exige at the beginning of the year I went mad and brought a Mk2 Clio V6, didn’t like it so moved on to a 340R. Well that has gone too as whilst it was a wonderful car and probably the best long term bet it was just too impractical to use very much. As of tommorrow I will be the proud owner of a new 2005 black Mk 2 Exige. Touring pack, aircon and the forged alloys. Did a really good deal on part ex of the 340R with Chris Amey at Westovers in Poole, (17,000 miles, 3 owners, FSH, he will want to sell it soon!). New Exige was a deal as 2006 cars are now released, looking at upgrading to the LED lights, factory quoted �400 for a set ! No doubt Eliseparts or some other bright spark will find reproduction ones soon for half the price. Paid �500 for the forged alloy option over the standard wheels, not really sure about them yet as they are silver, but they do form part of the Supersport pack for 2006. Any one got any thoughts, should I get them painted balck/ graphite metallic ?
Any one got any running in tips, is it true that they read back the ECU to see if you have over-revved ?
Look forward to being back in the fold !

Welcome back…I did the same and got a cracking deal on a 05 car because of the 06 cars. Yes they can check if you have over rev, but 4500rpm is over 80mph so running in has not been as bad as the rover engine cars I’ve owned. After 600 miles you can use all the throttle but not all the performance…answer get the 1000 miles on the car as soon as you can and enjoy.
As with you I’m not sure about those wheels Williams Lotus had a black one with the same wheels as yours when I did the deal on mine and it’s still there now even though they have knocked the price of the wheels off the car, so thats over a grand of the car before you start to negotiate.

Yay, he’s back!

Orange helmet in a black Exige, nice mix.