I'm Back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi folks

If ever your wife says “lets have new oak floors and get the walls redecorated” tell her NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!

Before you know it your PC is packed up and the builders excuses begin…

I have been offline for a long time and am apologising if I have missed anything…

Please can anyone tell me what I need to catch up on???

Just read it all and enjoy the best reality L.T.V and smile,it`s the best on screen entertainment there is!!!

I wondered how many �27 grand exiges there were for sale, and then saw that Bernard has been given the gauntlet by a dyslexic sculptor, and there are so many newbies, and S2 owners want real power without going AUDI, and Lotus have launched a new track car that is NEARLY as fast as mine, and our cars are falling to bits occasionally, and nothing changes !!!

vorsprung durch tecknik eh…

nice to have you back mikey boy

Vorsprung Durch Teknik, plus memory loss…

I had my car mapped on the road for ‘steady speed’ running, and then wiped the map completely!!

U sure you want me back?

Welcome back Mike , I trust we are going to see you out to play at Brands supporting Russ in the MESC race,…or we will be supporting you also?

Nice to hear from you Mike! I trust you’ve been driving the car though?