I'm back! Maybe!

Hi all. Not sure how many have been around long enough to remember me. Hope there’s still some of the original crew around. I was a regular here up until around 9 years ago, having owned first a yellow S1, and then a red S2. I left the fold when I switched to my current Evora.

Any of the old-timers remember me? Can’t remember many names now, but Pesky, IDG, Steve Green, SeanB, The Brothers Steve & Martin, and RussT all come to mind.

After 9 years of ownership, I’m feeling like my time with the Evora is coming to an end. Now that I’m working from home, the car’s been relegated from daily workhorse to occasional weekend toy. Of course the Evora is far too sensible a motor for that role, so I’m now thinking about something more FUN!
I have 3 options in mind:

S2 Exige, S3 Elise, or V6 Exige.

The S2 I know well. A fantastic toy, and fast enough to be great fun, but not so fast you can’t really give it a good thrashing on UK roads. Getting a little older now, but I’m sure a well cared for example would make an excellent choice.

S3 Elise, obviously offers a wide range of configurations of various power and suspension options. I’m told the Elise Cup 250 is basically a logical successor to the S2 Exige, but I find the wing, barge boards, splitter etc look a bit too aftermarket for my taste. I’m not sure I need the most hard-core suspension option anymore, as I’ve grown accustomed to a little more comfort in my old age. A Sport 220 is probably a better bet for me.

The V6 Exige is the one my heart is currently set on. I have a hankering for some proper power, and it looks a bit less of a toy, and more ‘supercar’ than the 4 cylinder options. I had a test drive in one a couple of years ago, and it seemed insane! Properly quick, and with all the raw feel and excitement that the Evora lacks. Pretty sure the 345bhp engine is more than I’ll ever need on the road! Maybe even too much…I like the idea of having the torque for effortless overtaking, but can’t help feel it might be too fast to properly exploit on the road. Could be tempted by an IPS due to old-man joint pains.

Any thoughts? Guess I should get some test drives to help me decide!

S3 Elise S ((220bhp) then pop and see John and me.
Little Komotec upgrade and you have 265bhp makes a very rapid car with factory like manners.

That does sound a tempting option. I have to say I’m not a fan of supercharger whine. Is it loud on these cars? I really wasn’t impressed when I tried an Exige S back when I had my Exige S2 190. The noise was horrible, and the throttle response was noticeably slower.
I never felt I actually needed more that the 190bhp in that car, though I guess the manic, rev nature helped keep me happy!

Yeah I remember you and your S1 plus tales from your Esprit owning days. I am an Evora owner too for 9 years now and still loving it.

Welcome back, hope you find a car that suits👍

Hey Tim, I remember you! Didn’t you swap your Exige for a 111R, or has my memory failed me? Still love my Evora, and wish I could afford to keep it alongside something more sporty. Currently operating a 2 car stable with my N/A Evora, and a £700 Polo, which is just perfect for regular use because I don’t give a crap about it :slight_smile:
The Evora is a great compromise for a daily-use sports car, and very comfortable for longer journeys, but it doesn’t really come alive until you’re pushing it well over the speed limit. Great thing about Elise and Exiges is they feel more exciting at lower speeds.

Thanks thommo :thumbup:

Welcome back Brendan :+1:

Hope you find the right car…enjoy the test drives!

Hi, your memory is fine Brenden! The 111R was eventually replaced with a S2 Exige and now the Evora. Pesky lives in Thailand nowadays and RussT frequents FB.

Funny how the only real replacement for any Lotus is… another Lotus :smiley: Do you miss the Exiges at all?

Good to know Pesky and RussT are still kicking!

Good to see you back Brendan, I remember you from when I got my 1st S1 Exige in early 2003.

Pesky, Russ, Uldis, RoxTeddy were all very active here then.

The supercharger noise on the Exige S2 is quite noticeable, but I quite liked it and since I got a 250 Cup 2 years ago I miss it :slight_smile:

Good choice with Evora NA I had one for few years and loved it before swapping for a 400, which after nearly 5 years I sold yesterday.

Next will be my 10th Lotus

Wavey :slight_smile:

V6 with a big wing!

How many miles have you done in 9 years?

Not really TBH. The Evora covers all the bases for my needs now. If you use FB Pesky and Russ are quite active on there :thumbup:

a 400, which after nearly 5 years I sold yesterday.


5 years in December Steve, I will miss it but would be taking off road for winter anyway.

Hey Steve, I vaguely remember you, but your username’s not so memorable as some of the other guys :slight_smile: I’d be interested to hear how you got on with the 400. I had a brief test drive a couple of years back, felt it had moved the Evora on from the sports GT it started out as, to more of a supercar. I just couldn’t justify the price to change from my LE.

Any idea what’s next for the magic no. 10? My next will be 11 :slight_smile:

Hey! Your name seems familiar, though I’m afraid I don’t remember specifics. V6 with a big wing sounds like a great idea.

I’ve done about 40k miles in 9 years. It’s been a great car, and will be missed, though not as much as I miss my S2 Exige.

However… I’m planning to test drive an Exige V6 this weekend. Must be getting old as I’m seriously considering a grey car with a black interior and IPS gearbox!

User name is one of my plates Brendan and my titanium S1 had one that looks similar (G9TOK)

I ordered the 400 without driving one and went auto again which is way better than the auto in the S1. If you are considering the Exige IPS, I have been on one when they came out and the change is slower like the Evora S1 and I didnt feel it suited the Exige (gotta be manual)

The 400 doesn’t ‘float’ over the bumps like the the NA and is bit firmer than the S but still is amazing. I bought it just for the noise even though I had put a 2bular on my S1.

No prizes for guessing what is on order as Lotus No.10 to replace the Evora :wink:

One of the reasons I’m changing my car is I’ve got early beginnings of arthritis, and the heavy clutch pedal is giving me a little pain in my left hip and foot.
I know the Exige is a proper road racer, but my thinking is it’s also just a proper ‘event’ to drive even when driving at a steady pace. The IPS isn’t going to be perfect when I’m on it, but it seems like it should be a decent compromise so I’ll be more comfortable on a longer run. As a bonus, my wife would like to be able to drive it occasionally, and she just doesn’t want to drive a manual anymore.

I’m guessing you’re on the list for an Emira then! Looks fantastic, but bad timing for me. They’re going a tad more mainstream (in terms of usability) just when I’m looking for something more silly :slight_smile:

Good to hear Steve. Got my deposit down on an Emira too - no18 Lotus

Brendan, did you sell your Exige to a chap who put a Honda in it?

Hey Simon! Good to see you’re still around too! I part exchanged my S1 for my S2 with Nick Whale Sports Cars, but yes, Steve Jones was the next owner. He replaced my freshly rebuilt and balanced VHPD with a Honda. I’ve almost forgiven him now :wink: