I'm an uncle x 2!!!

My niece, Natalia Mora was born today, October 12, 2004 in Washington, DC!
6lbs 15ox.
Just gotta get the Exige for her to ride in!

congratulations and welome to exiges.com

Hi Courage,

that’s a novel way of introducing yourself to the forum!

So, when is your Egige due?

Hi guys,

Sorry about the lack of introduction. Introduction: Hi, I’m an enthusiast living in the United States who’s simply taken to Lotus. I’m an investment banker and I built a 405whp 1994 RX-7 that was simply incredible fun but when I saw just how light the Exige can get (-1000lbs on my already light RX-7) I simply couldn’t resist. SO, I sold the RX-7 and I’m currently buying a home but I’ll be buying and building an Exige as my next project car. I won’t be buying the S2…I’ll be purchasing the S1 from some place in Europe that has a left hand driver and dropping a new motor/tranny in it. Why? Well, since I’m not financing the vehicle I want to get my money’s worth. I am sure a new Exige will cost $50,000 US. I could spend a bit more and buy an S1, import it, build the motor I want the way I want it, and drop it in for about the same money. I know what’s involved in Federalizing the vehicle and it’s possible, just expensive.

Cheers from across the pond!



GO FOR IT… keep us posted with what you are doing… sounds like you’ll have fun…


I’ll keep you posted. It will take time but I was determined with my Turbo Audi, my RX-7, and I will build my Exige.