I'm a lucky boy!

Can’t say a big enough thank you to Russ for letting me drive his new car before even he has!

Background - 4 weeks ago, Russ has operation on shoulder to fix old sports injury. His right arm continues to be strapped to his waist, & is likely to remain so for another 2 or 3 weeks. Last week he gets the okay from the boss to buy a Gallardo, whilst still keeping the Exige, but promising to sell the Esprit Sport 300! Deal is done, & Gallardo is ready for collection today. The boy includes me on the insurance, & hey presto I’m in seventh heaven driving the Gallardo this afternoon What an awesome car - even though keeping to a limit of 5000rpm out of the max of 8000rpm. Hard to imagine how extraordinarily quick this 500bhp 4wd supercar will be once it’s fully run in.

Hope you find these pictures of interest Here

Nice one Pesky !

However can you imagine the torture, supercar parked up outside and unable to drive it

Russ you have my sympathy - but at least dad can run it in for you

“Last week he gets the okay from the boss to buy a Gallardo”
…Wish my boss was as understanding

Hmmmmm…Gallardo [color:“green”] [/color]

fucitfucitfucit… [image]http://www.world-of-smilies.de/html/images/smilies/engel/rogbell.gif[/image]

why can’t i have one of those…

I know that the Bible tells us that we shouldn’t be envyous, but, aaarrrggghghhhh! I AM envyous!

I’m consuming in envy!
Now, relax, meditate…

Ok, now I feel calm.

I am very happy for you Pesky, and for you Russ, I wish you incredibly happy days driving that … (aaargghh)… exceptional car.

Can I have some pax laps?

Hope you find these pictures of interest Here


why can’t i see these fotos ??

I can’t see the photos either (need a login ?)…

Nice one Russ ! ( Pesky, you jammy… jammy… jammy… ****** )

Come on… let’s see the pics !!


Sorry about the viewing problem. The pics are posted in an album I’ve created in http://uk.yahoo.com

I’ve changed the settings for “public viewing”, so please will you try the link again - ta. If it still doesn’t work, let me know & I’ll post the photos into a Bookatrack Gallery.

Hey chaps,

Just got in from showing off to all and sundry - with the boss driving of course. The Peskmeister did me a big favour today by driving it back, so cheers Dad! Veronique is due credit as well for going down on me once she had been in the car!!! When I am fit, all & sundry are welcome to a pax drive.

absolutely stunning !!!

well done rob I’m sure it was a tough job… Congratulations Russ, megga choice of car njoy…

I’m deeply jealous. Nice one Russ.
Bet you can’t wait to drive it

Russ, what a fantastic car…

Don’t know what to say…

Pig sick and excited all at once…

Pax laps a defo must


the pics link works now…mmm… wish it didnae…

Veronique is due credit as well for going down on me once she had been in the car!!! When I am fit, all & sundry are welcome to a pax drive.

Too jealous to be happy for either of you!


Russ, a quick question. Please tell me our pax rides aren’t under the same conditions as Veronique??!!!


Nice one Russ, the boy done good.
Can I pop round at the weekend and drool over it knowing the minds of some people on here - I mean the Lambo not VV…
P.S. Will you still be speaking to us mere mortals?

Nice one Russ … is that Whitter Orange ™ ?

I’d be interested to hear how you get on with the odd-shape steering wheel,being offset it must be odd to twirl. [image]http://vnexpress.net/Vietnam/Oto-Xe-may/2003/07/3B9C9491/Gallardo_interior_1B.jpg[/image]

Where did you get the car from ?
How many miles had it done ?
When is the Manchester Lambo dealer opening ?

Hmmm, I quite fancy Veronique, she looks hot!

Nice one Russ.

Didn’t now you had a Sport 300 too? Is that Lord Whitter’s ex-car?

Anyway, the Gallardo sounds great and black or orange are the colours to go for IMO. Looking forward to a full review at sometime including on track impressions please… I’m thinking of selling my Mk1 GT3 CS and considering a few silly cars just now.

P.S. Tubi are developing a sports exhaust for the Gallardo that may be worth a gander/earful.