I'm a bit worried...

My engine hasn’t burnt a drop of oil over the last month, and that’s with 2 trackdays… OK, so it’s spat a load of gearbox oil everywhere but the stuff in the engine is staying put…

This doesn’t seem right

You’re not trying hard enough…

(No, seriously, don’t worry, just check it often)

LOL! I think all the oil consumption comes from the last 500 revs or so and of late I’ve been shifting a little early, normally the 7.5k mark which really seems to help the engine

But I just thought I’d comment

But I’ve been cleaning it all up and after changing for some fully synth 0w40 for a few hundred miles then switching to the MS 10w60 it’s been really clean and stayed in the engine Bit of an expensive engine flush but seemed to work well.

And after blowing up one engine through oil starvation (in my first MR2) it’s a mistake I’ll never make again!!! I think most of my oil consumption comes from the dipstick being checked so often LOL!

mine was leaking engine oil near the oil cooler adaptor, and with the new undertray the cooling is not as effecient to the oil cooler, Mocal water to oil on it’s way, we had black RS so be sure to run good oil and you should be ok.

But thankfully no more oil on the diffusor