If only................

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Link not working for me, Rob…

Just think of it as 6 Honda engine conversions!

Not that I think any of us could do it justice.


Hi Mike

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This car is widely regarded as the car to beat in Britsh GT Cup Class this season, and probably the most advanced example of a Motorsport Elise in the world. The car will come with a full history package.

By who I wonder

[censored]. I just read the ad…No NGTs next year!


They really help to add a bit of extra interest to the British GTs, it great to have the variety and sheer number of entries.

Think you read the add wrongly Brendan, the Elise is a cup class car and they are selling it because they want to move up to NGT next year and go for race wins.

They would also consider leasing it but it would be very expensive as it needs lots of TLC to make it even vaguely reliable.

Oops. Just took another look at the ad. I’ve no idea how I read it so wrong

So, anybody know what car they’re using next year? I take it the Elise is not really appropriate for competing with the big boys?

Possibly a 911

�60k seems a lot to me…that may represent value for money measured against the bills they have but its seems too much when compared to the costs of other race cars around. I thought you could pick up an old Group C car for not much more?

that would be fun Pesky… but like you say… If only…

RussT – what about you, don’t you fancy it… ?

RussT – what about you, don’t you fancy it… ?

Thought had crossed my mind - but not at that money…

Go on, make’m an offer Russ!


You could swap the gay-lardy…