Idle Speed?

Can anybody tell me what the normal idle speed is for the 190 upgrade? Sometimes mine idles at 1000rpm and sometimes it trys to idle at 500rpm. More often than not it trys to hunt for idle and ends up either rattling your teeth out or stalls. Major pain in the arse and as I’m trying to sell the car it won’t look good if it doesn’t run properly. Also had trouble starting it before, it took about 5 attempts, when earlier in the day it started first time. Any help would be much appreciated. Oh and it’s just had the recall re-map done.

Check that the IACV is clean and not sticking - its the Idle Air Control Valve - so you can guess its to do with idle

Cheers Andy!

Where can I find this IACV?


Download the Exige supplement from here and it shows you all the parts and where they are located.
Edited to say go to the links section.

Its under the airbox I’m afraid - follow a ( usually ) blue hose out of the airbox down to a sort of can - thats the thing its a stepper motor and controls air bleed into the throttle bodies - usually a blast with carb cleaner or such frees it up …

Thanks again Andy, I’ll try it tommorow. Hopefully this will solve it