Idle speed (yet again)

I’ve got an odd problem with my idle speed. When I’ve been driving around, and then stop, the revs drop quickly to about 500rpm, and just when I think it’s going to stall, it catches and the revs go up to 700-800rpm. It then idles lumpily at this speed for about 5 seconds before gradually creeping up to a nice, steady 1200rpm right where it should be. Any ideas?

have had the same symptoms myself, but very intermittent, not really worried at the moment, I just press the accelerator gentley to maintain the proper idle speed for several seconds and it seems to reset itself…something must be sticking but I don’t know what?

I posted the same problem a while back. Mine’s been back to the dealer twice to have it adjusted. It can be improved through tweeking the various knobs, mine will now drop to about 900 then back up to 1200 after about 10 seconds. B&C have a demo 190 that does exactly the same. I wouldnt worry about it too much unless it actually stalls.

I had this problem and it ended up being a loose grub screw in the throttle body - this was quite hard to find initially - now it’s been done up tight I have never had the problem again.Guy[This message has been edited by Guy (edited 26 April 2001).]

Mine does this as well … but the other day I noticed that it runs fine if I don’t run through the gears while braking. If I just put it in neutral and decelerate then it idles fine … I thought that was a bit weird. Mine’s stalled on me a couple times … I do have the right rear wheel speed sensor removed, so it probably has to do with overrun.

I’ve just read about a similar problem on the Lotus Life site, Nick Adams said it was probably due to the throttles closing too much, and the IAC valve having to work overtime trying to compensate to control the idle speed. I wonder if that might be the problem. Guy’s loose screw problem sounds intersting as well.Thanks for the response, guys.Brendan

I think I’ve fixed it ! After thinking about what Nick Adams said, I took a look at the throttle bodies, and I noticed a screw acting as a stop for the minimum opening of the throttles. I screwed it in a turn or two, which means the throttles are slightly more open when idling, and it now seems to idle much more happily.Steve, if your problem is intermittent, I would guess its your IAC valve that’s sticking a bit. (Not that I know anything about cars).[This message has been edited by Brendan (edited 28 April 2001).]

Thanks Brendan - its so intermittent that I don’t consider it a problem at the moment…