Idle Speed re-revisited

Hello all, new owner of an S1, but possibly an old question…

What speed should the raised tick-over speed associated with low coolant temp. reach? Speeds up to 2000rpm have been seen. Slipping the clutch and braking when on-site at work to stay under the 15mph limit is decidedly uncool…

I haven’t physically removed/cleaned up the IACV yet, but I tried ‘resetting’ the IACV position by pressing the throttle fully/slowly 5 times. Can anyone explain exactly what I have done here, i.e. what have I reset relative to what?


Andy, grateful of the aircon. .

I may be wrong but I don’t think on the Exige there is a need to go through that sequence, as it’s part of startup.
Part of those whirring noises you hear when you first turn the key are the IACV resetting.
basically it wakes up and needs to feel wher it is, how far it can go one way, how much is full sweep, checks with the ECU and sits in the opening number specified.

Maybe that resdetting procedure was initiated on older Elises?

Over time the ECU learns the correct IACV position for the warmup cycle and for natural hot idle. 2000RPM is excessive, 1200-1300 should be sufficiient for a cold idle. When you reset the IACV you are forcing the ECU to go back to factory settings and re-learn for your particular setup.



2000rpm seems a wee bit high… mines idles at 1200-1300 usually but goes up to about 1500 when its cold

ohh… does your come back down to around 1250 when its warmed up ?

Idle speed does come down to ~1250 after a short while. The 5 x throttle depress (engine OFF) seems to have done something (unless its coincidence…) as she seems to behave better now. Good girl.

Thanks for the responses.

Mine sometimes starts off at 2000rpm before coming back down. Always has.


Mine sometimes starts off at 200rpm before coming back down. Always has.

Obviously got a diesel like Jaycee

Original error corrected.