Idle Air Control Bracket

Have replaced the IAC bracket 3 times now - keeps breaking where it attaches to the block - anyone else had a prob with this? - it’s such a pain to keep replacing it

Yep, both of ours have broken [image]^/t/splat.gif[/image]

Yep, mine too. My IAC valve is now “cable-tied” to what remains of the existing bracket. Was going to get a new one but the cable-ties are secure, won’t rust and will last forever

anyone got a pic?

With an Emerald you can run without the bl**dy thing - mine lives safely in a storage box in my garage with a load of other superfluous stuff that used to grace the Exige…

Saves weight as well

And I have an MOT

yer the smaller one of the two pipes brlke on mine sgt fixed it under warrenty but i still lost the car for 3 DAYS