I was going to buy an Exige..until....

I’m here in the USA. I have seen the pictures and write-ups on the Exige and was very excited since they are coming to the USA. Well I went and talked with a Lotus dealer on Monday. He said there are only about 200 cars coming to the US. He also said that he will have one and he will be selling it $15k (dollars) OVER Manufactuer Retail Price. I guess I will not be getting one now… That sucks, I really like the look of the car better than the Elise. Curious to what they sell for over the Pond.

A new S2 starts from �30000 with nothing on but you can haggle and get around �3000 off/ options on.

your dealer needs a kick in the arse.

200 cars indeed!!! total bollocks.

Utter cr@p

The US wil be Lotus’ biggest market, especially for a track focused car like the Exige.

There will be plenty of them

Find another dealer !!!

I called another dealer… He said 300 cars are coming and they are being offered to Elise owners first…I then said I am out of the game then since I never owner an Elise… He then have the nerve to say “If you want to pay well over MSRP I can probably sell you one” I said “No Thanks… I like the Exige alot, but I’ll stick with my Cayman S on order for those prices” He tried to back track and I hung up. Whats up with these Lotus dealers in the states??? They are fairly rare, and they know it. I’ll buy a left had drive from you guys and ship it in

Surely Lotus will not allow this to happen through their own dealer network??

Surely Lotus will not allow this to happen through their own dealer network??

Aah, the “Land of the Free” … (market!!!)

Ha ha, good job it doesn’t show up on radar!

I’m sure someone could arrange that for you over here. Probably not a dealer but certainly a privateer.

Come on chaps - anyone know of someone who can help

Save our American friend from having to buy a ‘god save us not another porker which looks almost exactly like all the others apart from that incredibly butt ugly, im sure they have done it as a massive piss take/joke Cayenne thing’

According to the official Lotus press release Clicky 300 to 350 are to be produced for the US market.

I sure it would be alot cheaper to buy one there and import it to the USA. I know it would cost less than $15,000 USD.
I’m going to check with some more dealers. Then threaten them with the import fact and take all their customers away

I doubt Lotus will be happy to hear this.

If I were you I would hold tight. wait for the cars to drip into the country and you’ll find one sitting on a dealer forecourt before long. When many people buy them they dont realise just how different they are and climb out pretty damn quick.

It isnt a ferrari with a 4 year wait, which is the sort of thing it needs to be to command a premium in the UK