I want to buy a second-hand lotus

(First of all,sorry for my written english,im used to speak it,and not to write it) Im an Audi S4 owner.Since i bought my first sports car (Audi TT) I�ve tested many different driving sensations,such as:Ferrari Testarossa,Honda S2000,and now i�m in big trouble.I need to feel again the �karts� driving sensation,because altough S4 is a great car, is totally different from what i spected.In search of adrenaline,i was goingto buy Honda S2000,but during that search on the internet i found Lotus.I had read about Lotus,that�s obious,but i never thought i could think on paying 25.000 Pounds for a 140 bhp car.So, as i was saying i found you guys,and such an interesting club.I can tell you,i�ve found what i was in search off,since i bought my first sport car.It�s a driving experience lover�s family.Thanks to you I�m now nearly convinced that next February i�ll buy a Lotus.I would like your point of view.I think i�ll buy an Elise,and i would like to take it to a higher power.What do you recomend me to buy,and therefor what engine changes should i make to take it to arround 190 bhp.Looking foward to became part of your big family: Miguel,wich is my real name.

Hi MiguelOther “family” members can answer you better than me, but for more information, check out http://www.british-cars.co.uk/cgi-bin/gen5?runprog=lotusbbs