I seem to have oil pouring out of my bell housing!

Dose the Exige have a problem with oil seals, Its just that when I did an oil change about a month ago there was a bit of oil on the under tray and it looked like it was emanating from the bell housing. Now its pi55ing out of the under tray area!

please can you help, im wetting my pants!

please can you help, im wetting my pants!

A trip to the doctors or some plastic pants may cure

Check crank oil seal!

if it is the engine crank seal should lotus replace this under warranty? its just i’ve only done 9500 miles!!!

How old is it? Isn’t the warranty for 12 months only regardless of mileage ?

Unfortunatly it is not an easy job as the gearbox has to be removed

I checked with B&C today and my warranty ran out on the 21st of this month�Bugger. Better crack out the spanners then! What I need to find out now is how can I prevent this happening again? Because at this rate it�s almost change a main engine oil seal every oil change!!! Plus are there better quality oil seals available from anywhere else?

Thanks for your help

I had my last one “sikkaflexed” in. I have heard of someone who had theirs threaded & screwed in. Also, have you got the breather kit? Check the cam cover for blockages to the breather outlet.


Just watch the flywheels bolts, they are a ba*tard to remove, a good quality 6 sided impact socket and air impact wrench should remove 'em ok.

Russ T, what is �sikkaflex� is it a type of silicone sealant? No I don�t have a breather kit where could I get one? I still can�t believe this has happened, roll on the day when I can get my hands on a nice VTEC! Oh yes�

I think it is the industry standard sealant.The breather kit is available from Lotus, though I would imagine it is not too big a job to get one made up…