I Have returned

Gentlemen after missing my car for almost a year and trying many different things to make up for it, i have just gotten my hands on the exact car i wanted since mine has been butchered and wil be doing it rounds at the drag racing events, sad me thinks,

I have got a car i raced alognside for just over a year and we were near as damnit in time so at least won’t have to do to much work on it to get it to handle like my old one.

The specs are:

2001 Silver Exige
Motorsport motor, c/ratio gearbox, LSD.
Full harnesses
Well sorted suspension for our tracks over here.

I am so excited i could just about but won’t.

Getting it on Monday.

Driven many a sports car this week from porsche to TVR and nothing can give you that smile and feeling of control the exige can. In my mind it is the most fun track car to be had.

welcome back Jason

send us some pics…

In my mind it is the most fun track car to be had.

It’s pretty darn great anywhere (says a man that has just enjoyed a bundle of empty roundabouts on the way back from Silverstone)!

Welcome back!