I have joined the club!!!

The last six months have been torture for my other half as I debated what to replace by BMW MCoupe Breadvan with. Many options were on the table but of late I have started to realise that I need a two car strategy. A daily driver (small Gti stylie) and a weekend car that I can use to get into the track day scene. Out for a drive last Sunday and accidentally (honest) ended up near a certain Lotus dealer. The deal was sealed with a test drive this afternoon,…I pick it up next week! So I guess that makes me part of an exclusive club!

I will now be pestering you endlessly about dates for track days when I hope to be able to learn how to extract the best from this great little car.



BTW the endless enthusiasm on exiges.com was one of the many reasons I have ended up doing what I did this afternoon.

[image][image]http://www.btinternet.com/~benandpaula/myexige2.JPG[/image] [/image]


What colour? - what spec? - tell us all !!!

Nice one Benja

Whereabouts are you located, & what is the colour/spec/history of your new pride & joy?

Vis a vis trackdays - well worth doing a couple of “sessioned” days (with instruction) , before driving at an “open pitlane” event. This will give you a chance to learn quite a lot about your car, & your own abilities in as safe an environment as possible. As you will already have probably gathered, a lot us here attend trackdays organised by Bookatrack - which must tell you something!

Take it easy, & enjoy your new car.

OK, I hope that the image is fixed now, the last place I hosted it did not like referrals me thinks…B(

As you should now see my new baby is black, 177bhp but with carbon airbox and ss exhaust, 4pt harnesses (which the bird will hate) and otherwise pretty standard.

I am based in SW London,…therefore a few speed bumps to navigate on my way to some twisties.

Thanks for the advice on BAT days, I think that is certainly called for as currently the cars abilities far outweigh my own. 325bhp RWD MCoupe has taught me a certain amount of respect though (especially in the wet!).

Excited,…you better believe it!!!


…as currently the cars abilities far outweigh my own.

Don’t worry, that goes for most of us - but especially me

Keep your eye on the “Events & Meets” section - you’ll hopefully soon meet up with of the “old lags” from exiges.com


What colour? - what spec? - tell us all !!!

eerrmmm… BLACK …


Don’t tell our mr lane but your car looks fantastick… enjoy and welcome to the fold…

HOw about coming up to Oulton Park on 12th Dec with us… its a BAT organised event… see meets threads…

Looks immaculate mate!!

And a lot like mine!!


Don’t tell our mr lane but your car looks fantastick…

It sure gleams, whereas my car is just ‘lived in’

Benja - top choice matey - ’ you can check out anytime you like but you’ll never leave’… The more you drive 'em the more you love 'em…
Welcome aboard

Cheers for all the welcoming sentiment,…hope to see you all at a track day soon. I will try for Oulton Park in December (based on approval for the boss!).

Sold the Breadvan yesterday B( - which I wish could keep it as a daily driver but I guess I just don’t earn enough. Out today looking for a more sensible daily drive,…LupoGTi distinct possibility.

Will update next week when I tak ownership…can’t wait.

Had my lupoGTI for over a year now its a great little car and a lot faster than my old 1.8mk2 GTI .just the car to go with your exige.
regards Northeee.

Never driven (or been in one), but I quite fancy a Lupo GTI myself.

Just got back from testdrive and subsequent purchase of a LupoGTi to find that Exige/LupoGTi seems to be an accepted fleet configuration!!

It is Nov 2002 (so 6sp box etc) silver, 7000miles and fully loaded at a good price…this week gets better and better!!!

The Breadvan did an admirable job of keeping up with a Fezza 550 on the way home,…gonna miss the grunt of that S54 engine when she goes next week…

Northee, don’t tell me you have a silver Lupo otherwise we will have an identical fleet!

Two new cars on the drive next week…


I’ve just today got rid of my Silver LupoGTi and picked up my Elise 160

I should have been an Exige, but funds didn’t allow it

As for the Lupo’s, superb little cars, will miss mine alot…I would have kept if I could have afforded to run it and the Elise - it can certainly match the Exige for rarity, if nothing else!

Any owners or potential owners, feel free to pop over and visit us at:


Its a club I set up a while back now but there are quite a few owners about

I’m very envious Benja, you’ve got the garage that I wanted enjoy!

i am member of clublupo and i do remember you MattyB from last year when i was on there a bit. I dont have an exige yet but will be keeping the lupo for shopping trips,ya i know the boot is tiny but i can get a two week shop in using back seat as well . ohh and its a red 5 speed GTI


hi Benja, know I’m a bit late but congratulations and welcome to the club…you won’t regret it