I can't wait anymore.

I have had my car for 2 weeks now! I really need some space to see where we are and so I don’t end up in a ditch somewhere. In the past I have used Motor Sport events but they seem to only opperate during the week. Because of work (sigh) its difficult to get the time in the week. Can anyone recommend any Airfield days on a Sat or Sun, this weekend would be fab (7th/8th).

Depending on where you are based Bedford Autodrome is considered a ‘safe’ place to learn with lots of run off.

My 2p worth after having got into trackdays this year is that you are better off taking a day off and going during the week as the only weekend one I have done so far was at Bedford and it was packed, there must have been at least 60 cars there. Weekdays are a bit more relaxed.

A day on the GT circuit at Bedford with 60 cars is a quiet one.
It’s easy to run 100 cars there and it doesn’t feel busy.