I bet he buys a Lotus next

Thats what you get for trying to bully then catch an Elise on track. Not a nice thing to happen to any one but being as ‘PC’ as I can be I think he probably deserved it!

Clickety Click Click…If only I had bought a lotus - I would be able to drive my car home…

a bit of t-cut and elbow grease and it will be fine …


the same happened to me.
overtook a challange stradale at dijon. He tried to stay behind me but went in the inside wall in the last fast turn…

Saw this clip a few weeks ago on a friend’s pc, on his clip it went on to show the driver walking away from the wreck unharmed, long haired brunette woman!!!
No driving manners but pretty good car control.

No driving manners but pretty good car control.

…apart from the bit where he spun off and completely wrecked his motor

Still wouldn’t wish it on anyone but sometims there is such a thing as divine retribution. I might not get to Croft this week due to my grans funeral. I didn’t see her much when she was alive. My missing croft is DIVINE RETRIBUTION AND I DESERVE IT!!!

That is the Abbeville circuit in France we were at on Friday (see the Exige Cup thread). Looks like one of the circuits drift cars as they run a drift school there.

Unfortunatly from what I have seen on other video clips, that looks like normal French style trackday driving, i.e. every man (or woman) for themselves, no overtaking rules etc, it’s actually why we have a few French and Belgian Lotus owning members in Lotus-On-Track who do our and other UK organiser days in europe but won’t do those organised by their own countrymen. For example, at Abbeville we run the pit-lane, we set the rules and keep the number of cars on circuit low.