I am off on holiday, so what about the car???

I am off on holiday, so the S2 is going to be garaged with no miles under it’s wheels for at least 4 weeks. Does anyone think the engine may need turning over in that period? I guess not as it is a Yota, but thought I would check.
On a different matter, what is the expected price to pay for replacement rears, tyres that is. Mine have coped with about 6,500 miles but need replacing once I am back? Many thanks for your help everyone!

the whole engine, gearbox,drive train etc is likely to cease so if you lend me your keys i’ll make sure it gets a few miles on it

Thanks mate, that�s very magnanimous of you! Oh bugger, I seem to have lost the keys, ah well�������


I would think it should be fine but if you have someone trusted who can turn it over for a few minutes once a week then so much the better.

Would also be good to rotate the wheels a bit to prevent flat spotting.

Other than that put it on a trickle charger to stop the battery going flat.

I have been quoted �370 for a set of rear AO48’s including fitting from the Cardiff dealers.


i’m pretty sure it’ll survive 4 weeks even if you do nothing. However, if you have a battery conditioner you should connect it - if not then i’d just wait till i got home and then put a the battery on charge overnight before i stareted it up for the first time. If you can be bothered with the hassle then jacking all 4 wheel off the ground and deflating the tyres to about 15psi would be good. I deffo would NOT recommend having someone turn it over once in a while because unless it gets a proper run that will do more damage than good.

but basically i wouldn’t worry too much.

edit : ps i just noted you said it needs new rear tyres anyway… so forget trying to protect them, if your fronts a re good then just jack them off the ground and reduce pressure in them

Thanks for the info. As always this forum is damn helpful. How I am going to cope though with four weeks without the car is a different matter!