Huge Gains

I have Recently Parted with an old friend, my little 400bhp switchable boost escort cosworth. Is there anyone out there that is or has put some real muscle into an exege? Dont get me wrong the exege is quick but Hell, The potential is to beat an R1 into the deck! i would be very interested to hear any mad ideas that you may have and how we can get ove 200 bhp.

Speak to me in a month or two once I’ve got the 260bhp upgrade330BHP/Tonne !! (25% more than a F355)Don’t forget though, that speed isn’t just 0-60, it’s the fact that you can do neck-straining speeds around corners with ultra agile handling.I happy to be proved wrong, but I was told that the Exige holds the lap record of Donington for a production car.[This message has been edited by Admin5 (edited 09 February 2001).]

David - are you serious?Have you had any insurance quotes for the mod?I’ve just been asked for an extra �100 just for the 190 upgrade.

Where have been Steve ? eh ?Yeah, TurboTechnics have said I can be their first Exige to be Supercharged.I’ll be documenting it’s progress on this BBs, as well as getting some magazines involved.As for insurance… erm… well… I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. It’s just a case of with who and how much. Details [image][/image]

Apparently some guy who runs a track or something has bought a number of Exiges and is replacing the engines with Mitsu EVO units… That should be fun!

dAVIDmain computer is knackered right now…awaiting new hard drive…so only get a little time at work to play :frowning:

If by R1 you mean the bike then surely there’s not a chance in hell! Even to get a better power to weight ratio than a Caterham R500 would take about 370 bhp; that’s got to be stretching it from a 1.8 .Putting a bigger engine in the back would upset the balance even more. You’d improve straight line grunt but lose some of the cornering ability.