HP at wheels

Hi guys, daft question, but is 174hp at wheels good??? the car had done 40,000 and got new set pistons put in on what had been a 177flywheel engine since new. At same time had head modded, verniers fitted, retimed existing cams and an emerald ecu plonked on/locally mapped. Owner over the moon with acceleration, how she goes but I’m not familiar with results on Exige tuning, more aquanted with elises. Thanks.

Hello Rog,

It’s difficult to assess losses without knowing the roller speed, tyre pressures etc, but I’d estimate them as between 20 and 30BHP which gives a figure at the flywheel of between 194 and 204, depending on which rolling road it has been measured on and its calibration that is not too bad considering the mods.


Thanks Dave, ever diplomatic as always, but apprieciated thanks.