Howdo everyone new owner


Thought I say Hello
Been on here a while waiting for the right car to come along and Finally got myself an S1 Exige

Believe people will know the car


Welcome aboard - you’ve got a great, and much-loved car! :+1:t2:

Yes! Great looking car Mr!

Congrats on the S1, what are your thoughts?
Where in the UK are you?

Loving it
Coming from M3’s you can how much lighter they are and the difference in turn in etc…

Can’t wait to get it on track and really push it

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Congratulations! And thanks for signing up with us.Spent many a happy hour following, or being followed, by that car across the North-West and Yorkshire.
Looking forward to seeing it again sometime

Thanks for a warm welcome

Does anyone know if pesky did a build thread
Looking for a complete spec of the car

There are folk who still chat to Rob and I’ve a few photos of it from when it was laser blue before Rob had it painted dayglo. Stephen M who painted it is in a big WhatsApp group and can recount every layer! Should think there’s a lot of traceable history kicking about. Whereabouts are you? Was just thinking if you turned up to something with the NORLOG or LDC lads there’d be some who know it well.

I think maybe the Edwards Boyz would be a great source of info. Maybe a PM to Steve Edwards?

I’ve sent them an email but I’ve had no reply

A few memories . . .
These were all taken in 2012 after Pesky had the Gulf colour job

Welcome, I seem to be in the minority that doesn’t know much about this car :slight_smile:

Looking forward to hearing more

June 2005, don’t think I’ve anything any earlier than this.

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While in that folder, I found these that might be of general interest (not hijacking, promise I’ll go find other Pesky images)…

Looks good in the original colour

Here is one for you Grant … Your car is the DynoRod Red one Mine at the time was the grey one …We were enroute to the Bugatti Circuit track day Aug 2007 Have fun with it
PS the Elise is/was Tony Stansfield …Believe he did the original conversion.

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Welcome - great to see the car is with an enthusiast and going to be enjoyed :+1:t2:.

I had an M3 some time ago definitely a different beast to an exige :wink:

Excellent S1. Use it :star_struck:

Clive took great care of it.

Good to hear some still have good contact with Rob. Im not on fb so I miss him.