How unlucky is that!

I was with a friend last night (that I have no reason to disbelieve) who had been working on a Koenigsegg/Ferrari/Lambo dealer. Having pretty much convinced them he was the man for a sales/marking role, he was told he’d be driving the cars on a daily basis. Now the rub, he’s 6’7". He tried the Koenigsegg, F50, F40, 550, Diablo…and the only thing he could get in was the the 360.

Headed home gloomily that night, having not just missed out on a dream job but coming to terms with the fact that if he did ever become a millionaire he’d not be able to spend it on anything, he stupidly got caught doing 72mph in a 40 and is now going to lose his licence.

Something to think of when you only get socks for Christmas.


Well, he could be a basketball player and have all the girls he wants.
He could then with his extra money go to a kit car manufacturere like Radical and request a special car for his height.
He could get a Boxster or Elise so he could drive roofless.

He could have a limo and hire a driver so he doesn’t lose his locense.
He could also go flying ultralights, become a porn star, become a bodybuilder, Mountainbiker, TaeKwonDo star or be an actor.

74 in a 40 may be a short ban or big fine.
He’s Ok.
Many years ago I went to an autoshow and tried on the Esprit, some Ferraris and other sports car and came out completely depressed, I didn’t fit in any.

I’m lucky now I fit in an Exige. That’s it, search is over.

BTW, there’s a bloke in S_E that’s 6’ 7" and has an Elise.
He drives roofless always of course.

Not very unlucky - drive like a prat and you deserve to get caught…

Uldis - very Zen…or even Buddhist

Uldis - very Zen…or even Buddhist

No, realist

Not very unlucky - drive like a prat and you deserve to get caught…

Steve, he knows that and isn’t complaining. In his defence, because he’s a good guy, it’s not something he does regularly and this limit was in a London tunnel, not an area where there are any people.

Doesn’t make him any less unlucky though.