How to remove the rightside cointray?

Does anybody know how to remove the S1/Exige cointrays?
I need to remove the right side one and can’t pull it, but it doesn’t look like it has any fastener mechanism.
Do you really have to destroy one to get it off?


I think it might be necessary to remove the screw cover on the panel above it, about 2CM from the A frame / windscreen edge, so you can take off that panel, and then perhaps you will be able to access the fixing…

My curiosity is rampant - why you need to take it off? More demon weight saving??

Hi Uldis,
I’m not entirely certain, but I think they’re glued on. I think you need to get a sharp knife under it. (I’m relying on a dodgy memory of reading something about this on another BBS).
You might do better to ask on You get a bigger range of Elise owners on there.

Thanks chaps, I got a reply from Seloc.

I’m trying to find a way to access the interior of the sills so that I can find a way to block the air coming from the engine bay area to the dash.
The way to do this is heating the cointray and surrounding areas very hot with a hair drier, and inserting a thin knife on the iner side. It is glued with some rubberised evil glue to the aluminum part.

But put it back, can’t seal the area from there. Will do as mentioned on the other thread (Ian)



That sounds interesting Uldis. I assumed the heat in the dash area came from the radiator or the coolant pipes. I had no idea it might be coming from the engine bay.
What other thread are you talking about?

Oops. I’ve just found that other thread. Doh!

How did you know hot air was coming in through the handbrake area? I can’t feel any warm air around that area on mine but I do suffer from exhaust gases coming into the cabin when the windows are open.
Maybe it’s due to the engine bay venting into the dash as you say.
Let us know how you get on.

You can’t feel the air coming at the base of the handbrake normally, just see that it gets warm sometimes, and sometimes it’s cool, right?
Well, it happens that the Exige’s aerodynamics are very good, but that means that the area where the windows are, are subjected to negative pressure, vaccuum.
When they are closed, no problem.
But when they are open or slightly open, this vaccum will pull the air from the cabin out.
And air has to come in somewhere. That is the moment when it will come through all the mentioned holes, and if you’re traveling like at 70 mph for a while (10 min) the handbrake will be warm.
If you put your hand further back, where the two pieces of plastic join, you can feel warm air coming. It is because of the mentioned holes.
If you close the windows, in about 10 min. they handbrake will be cool again, now the air is going out through these holes.

The fumes will come through the holes behind the handbrake, as well as the ones in the ECU area (far to the sides, behind the seat belt tensioners). Since I sealed these I have no fumes (and the cabin is quieter as a side effect).
But since then the heat in the dashboard has gotten worse (air has to find its way, if one side is closed…) but no fumes. I guess the position where air is entering the side sills (just in front of the rear wheels) is far from the fumes.
But that air entry is not picking hot air either. Hot air was picked by the previously mentioned holes.
The side sills are picking just plain air, which is going through the dashboard in the cabin and out the window.
The thing is that you have on the way the oil cooler hoses, which are heating the air.
That’s why.


Cheers Uldis,
Since you first posted about the hot air coming in around the handbrake, I’ve been checking for warm air coming in around there, and I’ve not noticed any signs. Maybe mine’s slightly better insulated in that area for some reason.
This is first time I’ve seen any mention of hot air coming in around the ecu panel. Did you remove the big plastic panel and seal behind it, or did you seal the edges of the panel? I might well try copying your idea.

When you open the window hot air definately comes from the foot well. Sounds plausible to me. I still think the A/c should work better.


Try it after 20 min driving at motorway speeds with the windows open (form half to full open) I’m sure you will feel it.
Now, for the are behind the ECU panel, it may have been only mmy car, because as I mentioned, the part behind the seatbelt pulley/roll (the end) should be sealed.
In may case one of the seals was destroyed, fully broken, like on purpose or due to a very sloppy installation.
So this is a repair that normally should need to be done.
Worth checking out.


PS - of course, I removed all the panel. Take one seat off, all the 4 hooks/bolts and “convince” it to come out. Don’t worry, it’s plastic, it flexes.