How to Remove the Black Wheelarch 'Fins'?

Anyone removed and replaced the black protectors on the wheelarches? I thought I might treat the car to some new ones and wondered if it is a hairdryer job or more complicated?..

Will ‘Back to Black’ not be enough to spruce it up?


There is a hole in one of them from a stone chip and they just look a little tired and cost next to nothing from B&C so figured it might be worth doing…have tried the black to black route

I asked Graham from Plans this exact same question on friday and he confirmed it is a hairdryer job … but make sure the fin is hot enough before trying to peel it off or it will take the paint with it!

Yeah thats what I thought KP - was a bit worried about the paint - cheers - will give it a go.

BTW, I just got my car covered in Defendall, and in the process they replaced the black fins with a bigger design (since my bodywork was chipped at the ends of the original one).

Forget Armourfend or Invicashield, Defendall is the way to go. Why? because it covers all the leading edges! (Vs the other two that don’t!). Besides, reallytransparent, thin and hard stuff that is guaranteed not to yellow.


Have you had your car resprayed then? If so, same colour?

Just the front, properly, same colour.

Still with my inertia belts though

Boil the kettle and pour the water over the whole sticker it will then peel off in one go !!