How to know Lotus Wheels are Forged?

I found a Exige 240 Cup. Original it stands on silver forged cup wheels. It has now Black wheels. How to know if these are forged?




I thought the forged ones were twin spoked, and the normal ones are Y spoked?

I also thought the same. My 240 came with the silver wheels, or as lotus call them “high power silver” or something as stupid. As far as I was told, they are the same cast items as the black spider ones which are on the other exiges, just in a different colour!

With Silver wheels:


With black wheels:

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The black are forged, the silver are not. The black ones are about 10kg overall lighter than the silver.

The wiki on Seloc has a good section on wheels

The standard spider alloys whether black or silver are not forged. The forged ones are the double spoked wheels. These are generally back, but you can get them in silver as well - you can get/see the silver ones at the Hanger111 web site.

Didn’t the 240R come standard with the 5-spoke forged wheels?


Didn’t the 240R come standard with the 5-spoke forged wheels?

[image]>> [/image]

240R had the 5 spoke forged wheels as std, but the 240 Cup just had the standard spider wheels.

Thanks, learn something new each day.

Yep the UK cup car came with the standard wheels in silver rather than black, although the Australian cup came with forged wheels…