How to install an Emerald ECU

Hi guys,

As I’m going to be starting to do some sprints this year I was thinking I should get a little bit more serious about everything and so an obvious way would be an Emerald ECU for the mappability (?) and also (more important ATM) data logging abilities.

So looking at the �550 kit that comes with the loom etc. is that everything you’ll need?

Also how hard is it to DIY install? Can you just take the relevant ECU wires and send them to the Emerald?

Thanks again guys!

All you get is the MEMS plug and connectors ready to crimp the wires on but first you have to cut the old wires from the K4 ECU plug.
If you visit my site then goto the upgrade section there is a link in there for connecting the Emerald to the Exige, it is a DIY job but be prepared to remove seats and get cramp in the legs , taking the roof off is a big advantage !


I presume that you would advocate fitting vernier pullies too, & then a visit to Dave Walker’s rolling road to have everything set up tickety boo?

Cheers Phil,

That’s the info I needed, you’re a star!

I’ve had the PX seat out so many times now it’s a 5 minute job, with all my fuel pump fun I can get to the ECU in no time at all

Now to try and locate a 2nd hand one ideally


I presume that you would advocate fitting vernier pullies too, & then a visit to Dave Walker’s rolling road to have everything set up tickety boo?

Definatly !!

Will have to take a trip over there myself sometime to get the Jenveys mapped in (when i get time to fit them)

You can also check the pics I took while installing mine, here.

Just buy it, start installing it yourself and if in any doubt, call Dave Walker, he’ll gladly help (as he did with me)

BTW, you’ll also need to buy the MEMS plug.

Cool beans, looks like emerald it is as I’m f**ked off with pi$$ing about with this wheel speed sensor then having to wait 2 weeks to get the dealer to plug it into the diag machine for like 5 minutes!

Bit of home diag we like

Udlis! I thought you were hardcore! What’s with all the girly dynamat???

As the dealer sent the car to install the stereo (yes, I have one ) and I went to Checkpoint to choose it, I was told about the Dynamat, and just said yes.

Sorry, it was my first mod.

Heh heh, only kidding

Does it make any difference? Is it just one the back wall in front of the tank or does it go under the seats too?

It actually sounds quieter. I noticed immediately, but I wouldn’t do it now.
The Colways actually made more difference on the rolling noise.

Remember, at this time I didn’t even know trackdays existed.
I only don’t take it away becuase it would be a pain in the ar$e, it’s heat-bonded.

And yes, it runs below the seats and foot area.
If anything, I will never have the dreaded rusty floor syndrome. It’s like vulcanized there.

LOL! Quality

There’s time I think it’d be nice to have some removable carpets for motorway journeys but have comprimised with a motorcycle rider to pillion intercom, means you can chat away on motorway journeys and fit’s inside a lid for trackdays!

Just trying to still justify this to myself…

What else do you need to get 190 with an emerald ecu? Now I’m not sure if mine is a 190 (the only reason I think it could be is that it doesn’t have a rev limiter, I’ve hit 8k before and no sign what so ever!) but just trying to fully justify the emerald

-deleting the intake resonator valve
-82 DegC thermostat (instead of 87)
-advanced intake cam pulley (better go for the Piper adjustable one if going the Emerald way)
-Cat replacement pipe (I have a Sports cat)

-catch tank and breather hose

Cool… Thanks for that. So not a lot really Hmmmm


The correct cam timing makes a great difference - its gotta be adjustables and a correct time rather than the 190 inlet - from my experience anyhow …

Vee are talkeeng Verniers zen !!

(Best German accent - )

They look really great, and then we cover them up so as to avoid foreign bodies chewing up the belts and us hearing the dreaded ting ting ting bong bggr !!