how the f**k do you fit the air filter back on!?!?

Yep very stoopid indeed!

Can’t seem to get the f**ker to go back on without just falling off again…

So that jubilee clip, how tight does it need to be? Is there some esoteric trick to getting it on solid?

TIA again!


Have you the insert, which fits in between the trunking & airbox? HERE

Yep got that, can get that on nice and solid with the “outside” jubilee clip, then I put it onto the airbox, it doesn’t go on to far but when I tighten the “inside” jubilee clip it tends to just pop off

I’ve just taken it off to give it a wee clean… But can’t get it back on sob

it’s a bitch ain’t it

Its not absolutely necessary but if you have 3 jubilee clips its good practise to alternate the way they fasten, one o/s, one n/s, one o/s…and ensure each is 180 degrees opposite the other - I think it just helps to balance the tightening forces out as they are


it can only really be down to you needing to sort out the correct relative distances betwixt jubillees and the internal spacer thingy… is the jubillee clip tightening up evenly ? do you need a new one maybe?

BTW - Pesky where did you get your Carbon Airbox?.. in fact where did you all get them and what is/was the price of em…

Your problem really sounds more like the clip is too near the edge of the airbox lip - if it were there, it would be possible for you to overtighten the clip, causing the edge of the airbox to partially deform / collapse, and then hey presto - pop off !!

Try positioning the clip more onto the airbox connector, and do not tighten excessively.

Cheers guys, seemed to get it in the end, it’s just fiddling until it doesn’t “pop” off…

Glad you’ve all had the same problem and there isn’t anything obvious I was missing

Had the same problem after oiling the filter. I cleaned the rubber edges off with some alcohol so it was less slippery.