How tall?

How tall a driver will fit in the Exige?

I’ve known 6ft 5" people get in with no problems.

Hop into one and see for yourself. What I actually mean: It is not the total length of the driver that matters, it is his or her proportions. I am 182 cm tall and have relatively (!!!) short legs, a long upper body and relatively short arms. Absolute crap for a boxer but perfect for an Elise/Exige. 'Cos you’ll have the best vision through the windscreen, when your head is high - but if you are too tall, then you’ll have to bend your legs too much to drive relaxed. Also if your arms are too long, you’ll have difficulties adjusting your seat position so you have perfect access to the pedalry AND the steeringwheel - for the wheel is NOT adjustable. Greetings, Marcus

Getting in is easy - it’s the getting out which can be a struggle - particularly for 5’ 6" old timers like me [image][/image][This message has been edited by Pesky (edited 08 February 2001).]