how quick is an s1 exige?

Ive been browsing the net, as im currently looking for an exige, and come acrossthis site:

the exige lapped the ring in 8.42, i personally would have thought id would have lapped a lot quicker than that, as it shows it is only a second quicker than the integra (my current car).

Im a bit puzzled

Everyone on hear seems very helpful, so was wondering if you give me more info?

quarter mile times, top speed reached, is that ring time correct? (thinking about it tho, im guessing the exige would loose out on top speed sections???), and generally good car comparisons from peoples experiances on track.

many thanks


At the bottom of the list it says:

Here are some times that i could lay my hands on, though some times may seem a bit weird, just because of different conditions or just plain different drivers.

I guess that is the answer as some of the times do seem a bit strange.

Henry (S2)

didnt see that, thats makes more sense

When you get down to those times, a lot of it is the driver.


The 'Ring is not a very flattering track for an Exige as you spend so much time above 100.

Cars with more power and bigger top speeds will have a huge advantage over an Exige there.

Put one on a ‘normal’ track and it would take a track focused car with a good driver to really get the better of one.