How much is too much

Currently an Elise S1 owner, went for a short test drive in a red Exige yesterday BLIMEY CRIKEY.7000 miles and they want �26K they have offerd about �14K for mine is this in the ball park.Also the Exige had what I thought was a sort of tappity noise or are they all like this,solid lifters etc ?

All the ones I heard are a little rattly, especially on start up. Old elise was the same. Undocumented feature on these cars. Unless all the ones I heard are all knackered!26K for a red one. Little pricey considering many are around the 22-24K mark.Red is ok, if you like living in the '80s. Make sure it has a stereo and you can listen to your old Nik Kershaw and Bucks Fizz music! [image][/image]

I was initially suprised by the tappet noise from Exiges also, but after test driving around a dozen, it became 2nd nature ! Along with the slightly lumpy idle…but as those revs soar to beyond 5,000rpm, heaven is not far away…

Hang on, that wasn’t the red Exige at Haydon Lotus was it?

Yep thats the one. Why do you ask ?

I also took that one out for a test drive, purely for comparison reasons, and it was not quite right. Couldn’t put my finger on it, but it didn’t vibe with me. Did you check out the Motorsport Elise they have there? Caterham has a nice 900 miler in… Needs the 190 upgrade though, and its a rare colour.

Thanks for that, think I`d better drive some more if I really think I want to join the club.The motorsport looked good but I thought they had like as good as no suspension.Anyway congratulations on your new baby.

Definatley drive more, it helped me determine the good from the bad. Even after the first drive of an Exige, I knew I wanted to join the club…dude…just do it! you will not regret it…the car is superb. I have been a lotus owner for 12 years, and have got used to the often poor bodywork, the odd thing falling off, and often expensive insurance…but thats called “character”, the driving ability of the Exige is just staggering for a road car.Do it !!!I loved the Motorsport suspension set up on the Elise Motorsport replica they had in, and its a lot lighter than an Exige, 40-60 kilo’s lighter. But less power (111s engine, around 156 bhp). The suspension was definately geared for track use, but livable on road.Hope to see you in an Exige soon!

quote: Caterham has a nice 900 miler in… Needs the 190 upgrade though, and its a rare colour.[/B]Over two years old and only 900 miles ! I suspect a typo !!