How much? and Where?

Whoever is reading this, thanks for opening it up. I currently have a BMW mroadster and i found that the Lotus Exige has just caught my eye. At exactly the right time also, I was planning to trade it in for something else soon. But ive been looking around the internet and i can’t evebn come up with ball park figures as to how much it is or where it is sold. I can’t even find out if Lotus sells the exige in the United States. If you could help me out my e-mail address is [email protected]

You can only purchase an Exige in the US as a track car. It will not have a title and is not legal on for road use.If you are interested in one, they are about $59K and can be purchased at Lotus Cars USA - 770-822-4566.Good luck.Roy

There’s some good info on the Ultima web site that suggests that if you import in the USA minus an engine its classed as a kitcar…you fit the engine and then away you go on the roads…