How many ?

Hi, how many exiges were build ? I picked up mine last saturday, it has serial number 80326, color Norfolk Mustard. I live in Belgium.Thanks,Luc

Well, the highest in our register is 576…Not sure they made many more than that…

Luc, I don’t know exactly how many were made, but the intention was to make 600, and I think the final figure was pretty close to this.

had a factory tour during the Hethel Sprint event the other weekend and they said that they were still building Exiges…another 100 to go down the line due to a pick up in demand and (the now infamous) Japanese order that appears to have been on and off more times than a whore’s knickers!

Please elaborate on the infamous Japanese order. I read about the block order for 340r’s … but was there something similar for exiges?

I’m sure they’ll all be shipped to Japan, stolen and shipped back into the UK via Dubai at cut down prices, lowing all of our second hand values.Then again, weren’t nearly all the Jap ones white?!