How many miles did your new S3 have when you collected it?

Feels like my car is being delayed and the demon on my shoulder is getting me worried.
Apparently it’s somewhere in transit and should have arrived - alarm bells ring and make me think it’s damaged and being repaired. Don’t know why just many things seem to be going wrong at the moment.

Am I right to expect a brand new car to arrive with 0 miles on the clock?

It will have 8 to 10 miles on it.

Doesn’t that sound a lot for a car that won’t have driven anywhere?

No :confused:

No, it’s fine.

10 miles is quite a long way, especially for something that doesn’t need driving

Maybe it does? Come on really, you’d be that fussed!

No but when the car goes missing in transit you begin to wonder what has happened
But new cars should come with 0 miles, 1 at most. :nerd:

Lol Tony relax man, I’m sure it’ll be fine. Ive had quite few new cars with more.

Done around the Hethel test track. :wink:

Mine had 10 miles showing when I collected it, didn’t worry me as it made the first service arrive quicker. :laughing:

Mine was also delivered to the dealer by On Time and was a couple of days in transit so don’t worry Tony.

:wink: And post some pictures, love a little new car porn.

Yeah relax Tony.

The tramsport company they use can take a few days from when it left the factory, they go via a hub i beileve in the Midlands.

The cars are tested at the factory. If you go back through my V6 thread you will see the car all wrapped up black cellophane where they have put in on to protect it from any stone chips.

Its a hand built at the end of teh day and putting a couple of miles on it is probably still one if the best QA tests they can do before releasing it to the customer. Its just the way it is done.

When I was at the factory I saw a couple all black tape up, however I was told this is a random test they do with the cars and not all of them.
It just worries me when Lotus don’t know where it is. Supposed to be collecting tomorrow.

they usually give them a PDI check, and that means a test drive

23 on mine when I collected it today, 68, when I’d finished memorable first drive, fantastic - I love it !

:astonished: good news you have your car, mine should land next week :unamused:

My only previous brand new car (megane 250) had 9 miles in it. As per the other posts on here Tony, dont worry about it, it’ll turn up soon enough. Mine is still in the build phase, I’ve got another month to wait!!

Having seen delivery drivers at a French port loading new Renaults (Meganes?) into the ferry by driving maxed out on cold engines , up the ramp and grabbing as much" air" as poss at the top…then slamming the brakes before hitting the car in front. Bon fun mon ami so its not the total miles you have to worry about…You will never know if the 5 miles on the clock were done maxed out on a cold engine>>>>

would not mind a job as a loader though…sacre bleu

Some manufacturers put a special map in the car for delivery to limit the car to either 20 or 30 kph.