How many Exiges were built?NEW OWNER ASKING!!!

[image][/image] I am the pround owner of a NEW Exige that I just bought from Lotus USA. I plan on racing it next season. Thanks to what I have learned from this web site and another Exige owner this side of the pond, ( Thanks Roy Oliver )I have already started the modifications !!! I expect my order from Eliseparts of my carbon fiber interior trim and other assorted goodies this week!!! The question is…How many Exiges were produced worldwide? I believe that only 11 were imported by Lotus USA for track use only. They came with removable steering wheels, fire system, roll bar and mine already had a stainless exhaust and 193HP. I have already put 1,000 miles on it with the trip from Lotus USA in Atlanta to New York. I have it in for service now (with Tony Bright/ an Englishman who owns Road and Track Motorcars here in New York)and he is getting it ready with stainless brake lines, suspension adjustments and a few other mods for the spring season. What else do you recommend be done? Please advise! Thanks for this site and all the info over here !!!

According to Lotus, chassis number 601 was the last.

How many do you think there are in the UK Phil?Peter

quote:Originally posted by Mark Starr: [image][/image] What else do you recommend be done? Please advise! Thanks for this site and all the info over here !!! Cool pair of shades works well!

Mark - does this guy have a website?I am over in NY in January, and wouldn’t mind paying a vist!BTW there are plenty of things you should also consider doing, depending on the spec of the car…Adjustable suspension - you could have this already though, perhaps Racing Dynamics, but there are cheaper alternatives. You may want stiffer springs too.Different brake disks / pads. Padgids plus Geary’s disks work very well.Different exhaust manifold - I believe the EBD you can get through Geary now.Different ECU - Emerald seem to have cornered the market for the K series engine, and have a number of maps available.Vernier cam pulleys.Get the cylinder head ported and flowed. Man of the moment (in the UK) is Dave Andrews at [email protected]. Somebody who knows what they are doing could do similar in the US.CamsYou may need a stiffer anti roll bar…And depending on what tyres you will be on you may want to consider strengthening the uprights (Lotus Motorsport should be able to help out).Oh, and there is still an endless list :-)Cheers

Excuse my ignorence here chaps… How have you managed to drive the car in the US?? Is there a loophole to enable you to do this? I want to ship mine out one day but didnt think i would ever be able to drive it on the road…ThanksJOHNO

Mark,Welcome, fyi 13 cars were brought into the US, 7 in 2000 and 6 in 2001.Roy

JohnI believe that the Exige can only be used on track in the USA. I also believe that if caught being driven on the road, they can be destroyed by the Federal authorities.Not sure if they are street legal if Joe fits the Honda engine coversion. Joe, any comments?

Welcome Mark. Glad to have another US owner on the board here. I think there are 4 of us on here now with LUSA cars (myself, Roy, you and beto).Which color did you buy?What clubs do you plan on running with next year? Racing is not really an option unless you want to run in some sort of unlimited class or are running with HSR.

Pesky is correct, we can only use our cars on private property, no public road use.I could easily obtain a Type-Certification for the Honda engine in the Elise or Exige, but that still doesn’t address the issue of DOT safety standards. That’s the rough bit, especially the bumper standards. The DOT has different ideas about saving us from ourselves than those agencies on the rest of the Globe. Children are required to wear a helmet to ride a bicycle here! That may give you an idea how far out of hand it’s gone.

Land of the free???