How Hot!!

After 4 years of series 1 Elise ownership, I was going to upgrade to S2 Elise, but after reading the posts on this site I thought balls to it and bought my spangly Exige. Problem is I have since found out is that the water temp gets mighty high when sitting in traffic. Couldn’t hear if the fan came on, the engine noise drowns out most other noises!! My question is at what temp should the fan kick in? Either way I’m sure the temp shouldn’t get to 104 Degrees!!!


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Do a search on this site… theres a discussion about temperatures in a few posts…

Anyhow the fan should kick in around 92-95 celsius and 104 on the guage seems a bit high in this weather.


Sounds more like the fan is not coming on at all - I have no problem hearing mine, when sitting at idle, even with a crash helmet on…

Suggest you check the connections and fuse…

Have you done the 190 conversion which comes with a lower temperature thermostat, cos that can help as well…


Mine runs at 79/80C normally - never seen above 96C all summer (doing 16k miles), much spent in traffic jams reckon fan kicks in circa 94C - as suggested would check out the rad fan operation…

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Of course it may just be a faulty temp sensor, i know there is an 8 degree difference between the ecu sensor and the stack one, and of course its the ecu sensor that switches on the fan.

Just check the connections on the water outlet they may be dirty.


Which sender shows hotter?

Its the stack one, the emerald will read the water temp as 80, the stack will display 88.

Mind you, it could be the ecu sensor under reading

I can confirm that my Emerald reads quite a lot colder than the Stack temp - gave us a few worries when we first set it up, as you can imagine !!

Surely can’t be on all cars, on mine they read the same

What reads very high is the intake temp, has someone tried to reposition it to read actual air temp?

And by the way, I agree, if the fan is kicking in, you should hear it easily.
If in doubt, just leave the car on and stay outside, near the radiator. You mst hear it coming on.
If not, that’s the problem.

As far as I know nothing has been moved…

I’ll have my laptop at Oultom, so we can do a direct test, reading the Emerald and the Stack side by side …

I must admit it was a bit of a lottery choosing at what temp to program the Emerald to turn on the fan

Yep, the air intake sensor has been moved and fitted onto my airbox, the air temp reading is now more accurate and not reading the heatsoak on the throttle bodies.

One problem is the thread of the sensor, it is very strange and trying to get a short bolt to fit was a real problem, i eventually found one at my local tool merchants, the nut i used to hold it in the airbox was from my pot of bits and pieces that “may be of use oneday”

Reckon Ill have to add that to my ever growing list of ‘to dos’ then…

I did have a good look yesterday, just to make sure water was flowing through the rad, everything is fine there, so I thought I would check connections on the fans and temp switch, nightmare to get at, gave up in the end and went out for a drive instead, more fun! What actually switches the fans on? temp switch in the rad or somewhere else?

Rich, its the ecu that switches the fan(s) on, the are 2 water temp sensors on the water outlet at the back of the cylinder head, one for the ecu and one for the stack display.

Thanks all for the info, it was the cooling fan in the end, took it to my local dealer and they plugged her in so to speak, ecu was telling fan to come on but nowt was happening. As replacing the cooling fan is a front clam off job decided to do both fans at the same time, �80 a piece. All the Con air pipes have to be split, coolant drained etc etc, and after a hefty bill of �760 (it is only a fan after all!) everything is sweet