How fast are we...

Well after a little scientific test (the hanningfield straight for those that know sarf essex) my and my mate have found that a standard exige is just a wee touch quicker than a ZX400 from a standing start to about… Well a fair amount above the speed limit

It really all depends on the start, the 2nd run I got a wee bit too much wheelspin and as his bike can do 70 in first it can make it tricky to keep up initally

However it can stop a lot quicker, turn A LOT faster and is a hellava lot sexier

So the conclusion… Don’t race motorbikes unless it’s twisty enough

Wrong, the Exige has an advantage on the twisties, unless because of the trajectory you cut cut them straight with a bike…

Still, I luuvve bikes !

That’s true… But can generally carry a bit more speed… But then it’s all down to who has the largest nutsacks

I do love bike but must resist getting one… I know I’ll kill myself in no time! Must resist! RESIST!!!