How does an engine work ?

Found a MOVING DIAGRAM the other day…

Basic, but quite informative…

And I thought this was one of your tongue-in-cheek posts…

I thought it went SUCK-SQUEEZE-POP-PUFF

Not quite Mark…


LOL! Classic! Of course, I forgot all about the rattling and banging! It’s obviously been too long since I’ve been in my car

How come? Got a problem with it?

Don’t ask bd, a sorry story of wet roundabouts and lamp posts.

looks at Brian

looks at Ian

tear wells up in eye

runs off like a girl sobbing


Ah hell… sorry to hear it buddy.

S’ok! I went and saw it yesterday… Will be back by the end of the week / start of next week!!! YES!!!

Also didn’t realise how big the oil cooler was! It’s mahussive!