How do you remove the alarm siren?

How do you remove the alarm siren?

Hi all…

Keep it quiet but my alarm has stopped being noisey

If you put your ear right next to it you can just about hear it… So anyone had this before?

And how do you get the bugger out? I’ve had a 10mm spanner on the bolt into the dash but wasn’t sure if it was attached to a nut on the otherside and so would spin spin spin away

Thanks yet again!


You discoinnected the battery recent;y right ?

Alarm not sounded since ?

If so - TADTS somehow you have to reset it - I did but cant remember how … great help huh

Yep, that’s right… OK that’s good news that they all do that

So how do you reset the siren? The alarm still works IYSWIM, the indicators flash and all that marlarkey but no deafening noise



I just cant remember how I did it … I know I just played around arming it, opening the doors - re-arming holding the button down - you name it … and suddenly it sounded again.

I think you have to make sure the alarm is in te eright mode when you disconnect the battery - so try disconnecting again with the alarm “off” ( be quick ) and then re-connect - sorry cant be more help