How do we ask for accounts to be activated?

I have 2 that need to be activated?

MichaelW & Macca


How did I miss that? But I was sure there was a new way with some new people looking after it?

There is, it requires either myself, dave, damon or sean to approve them once they have gone through the initial registration process.

Obviously we cant all be online all the time to pick up and manually approve them so it may not be a instanteous email back but should be done within a day at most.

Im yet to login into the approvals page but i will be going on there this morning to see how it works when i get to my computer. i know dave and damon were getting to grips with it yesterday doing the first of the new registrations.

Its all happened a bit quick so just bare with us while we get into a regualr routine.

Just to add, the old back log of 9k applicants has been completely deleted and we have started with a fresh sheet.

Anyone who had a aged request will have to reapply as it wont be there anymore, sorry but it was just the easiet thing to do in the situation.

Good work, Mr Admin, Gavin, Damon and Dave