How did KH go today


How did KH go today??..

I was on bairn lookout duty so didn’t manage it… actually I also need some new brake pads and didn’t want to move my A039’s closer to the limit before Oulton Park as well so all three things combined with the fact that it was only 2 hours dissuaded me.

Did the snow clear - or did you just send Ally out first to clear the line??

It was bloody cold and the hils surronding were covered in snow, but it didn’t rain at the track, so glad ir was dry.
It would have been good, and I’m sure many had a ball, but I went out only 3 times because of the vibration problems.
Also, a couple of b@astards managed to realli p!ss me off with their “no-you’re-not-passing” attitude, a blue BMW M3 and a maroon TVR.
They wouldn’t move, and were really terrible in the curves. When I passed the M3 he nearly took me out trying to brake as deep as I was . Can you imagine his face when he started to slide all over, and mine when I saw he was sliding sideways towards me?

Complained and never saw him again.

Then the TVR, I wanted to make a point of not passing under braking, I wanted him to let me pass, so after three laps of no go, started to flash the lights, nogo, after that I put on the high beams and no go, then I started to sound the horn! Beep-beep-beep all arond the track.
With all this pressure he was driving so bad that he was just about to cras everywhere, but he would still outdrag everybody in the straights.
After about 9 laps I passed him (and so did all the queue behind me).

Complained again and Vito confirmed that he was a d!ckhead, promised that he wasn’t being invited anymore.

In all, many had fun, unfortunately I didn’t.
But, it’s better than no track day at all, I guess

Hi Mike

I think we all had a good time, good mixture of cars with some very fast modified Jap cars, made me feal as if I was going backwards with the speed they went past. Uldis had a few problems with slower cars that wouldn’t get out of his way, even flashing his lights and sounding his horn didn’t work obviously they didn’t realise it was the world famous Uldis on their tail, there was some talk of seeing if his new brake vent upgrade could be modified to fit a machine gun in time for Oulton,this to prevent instances of this happening again .You’ve been warned



Cheers for pointing out that my accelerator bracket thing was loose yesterday, checked it out today, the nut was only on by a couple of threads, tightened it back up and also took about 10mm of slack out of the accelerator cable, what a difference, its amazing what you get used to on your own car without realising something is wrong.


Just read your post, I never saw the TVR on track, but it sound as if Its the same one I followed up to KH, saw him overtake on a blind bend, thought he was a bit of a D!ck at the time.


Rox, I probably saw more accidents almost happen than all the other trackdays combined. I saw 2 very near misses when people overtook just as the slower car in front was about to turn in for the corner. I’m sure there was plenty of other similar incidents I didn’t see. It’s always the same, impatient eejits that cause the potential problems.

Tbh, I’m starting to think it would be better if there was some sort of “Knockhill Drivers Club” - each member paid say �250+ for 6 trackdays at Knockchill per year or sommat and you knew who you were sharing the track with - i.e. not morons who think they are racing each other.

At the end of the day, my Radical is nimble enough to keep out of most of the problems and the bodywork cheap enough to replace if the worst came to the worst.

Still had a great time though.

Good idea, let’s see how we can make that happen.

But tell me, how long did it take you to unfreeze your ar$e after getting home?
Did you see the snow in the hills?
Was that black ice on the road to Devon?

Ta much for the report guys…

Ally… I think you idea is grreeeattt !!.. however, how to we make sure the nutjobz with their big fat walletz don’t join as well ??

I also think that KH have to get real and put the old roolz back in place and then police the track-days a wee bit more rigorously… i mean i’m not one for spoilin everyones fun but theres too much red-mist and macho-BS at times and someone will get hurt.

Rox, nowt to do with dosh, just those that can display some reasonable track etiquette making it safer and more enjoyable for everyone. Maybe sommat we can all talk about at Knockhill next year and see if there is a better way of doing things… And obviously, any attractive girls would be automatically conferred membership too. Right Uldis?

To completely contradict myself though, I actually sometimes enjoy the crazy driving at Knockhill - adds a nice edge to it all.

P.S. My arse was indeed frozen - I must have looked a right nobber driving home in the near dark and cold in such a silly car…oh well.

Ally - I don’t mind a bit of fun, but I think organisers need to take their responsibilities more seriously…

How many times have you heard the speech “anyone who does will be going home”, and then they do nothing !!!

After all it is only a nice edge if you have insurance, or in your case, as you say, a fairly easy body to repair…

  • I must have looked a right nobber driving home in the near dark and cold in such a silly car…oh well.

Ya mad rocket yae… yer a dobber !!..

MikeL : Ally’s body might be small but i don’t think it would be easy to fix !!

I think we should defo talk about a KH club of sorts for next year. BTW after Top Gear the other night I need to blag a shot of a porker GT3 if I evr run into anyone with one…

Ally’s body might be small but i don’t think it would be easy to fix !!

I thought only supercars had all ally bodies